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Listening to all that is going on
is very hard from where I sit.
Lowell has a lot to offer except
it doesn't guarantee
a bed of roses to anyone. I
know that being here
has changed my life.

I will try only to look ahead,
never back.

When I start to withdraw
I remind myself I have responsibilities
that I am going to have to prepare for.

Being the mother of three small
daughters will be quite a thing for me.

Now that I think of all the sadness
I've caused my loved ones
I am ashamed.

Now all I wait for is the chance to prove

Making Time

We're here together you and I,
You've done your thing - I've did mine.
The Judge gave you life,
And I only five.
We'll both just set making our time.

Love Prison

Love is like a prison. The only gray walls
are the ones we build with thoughts of love;
How long before I lose all tracks of time . . .
Encaged in my thoughts of love for you . . .
Beautiful and yet sometimes Dark and yes troubled
very, very, troubled.

Ring of Red

I have the ring of red that you gave me;
How long before the gray will lift away
Ring of red . . .sign of love , , ,
Look forward not behind-there is still
a God above.

Family love

Love entangled by five-sweet love
His for her love-her's for him;
Theirs for their children;
Our children's for us both;
That is family love,
sweet sweet family love.

Endless Time

The minutes seem endless without you love;
Time has stopped- just stopped;
My love for you is locked;
Only you hold the key.............
Turn key lift this endless time..

Hurt alone, yet not alone just sad;
the feeling that the whole word is a lie
Love the word holds only one meaning for me
my children, yes they are what love means to me;
The only true meaning of love for me,
IN sadness they are there waiting to
give love; I am lucky, thank god for that love
I needed it today more than ever.

The Right Door

The beauty of love,
sharing moments of joy and woe;
willing to fight never letting go;
knowing we have found the right door;

who holds the key that opens the door,
even tho I love you, I sometimes look back
to doors I now keep closed, I think sometimes
stand ajar, but love, my love;
those doors are forever closed,
never to open no more;
and if the question should ever arise
as I'm sure that it shall;
don't worry love, I have found the right door!


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