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Cursed My Name

When I was a babe the devil called my name,
Upon my head he placed a curse, heartache came;
For me there is nothing, my heart is cold, No
Love can come in, Oh the shame.
The devil must have looked ahead and shuck his
Head, Then loudly laughed as he put the curse
upon my name;
Oh, the shame. oh, the shame. The curse upon my

He plans carefully each minute of my day. He
makes my life hell.
When I try to pull; away, more hurt into my
Life does come......I know well the shame
Of the curse upon my name.

I walk alone except for the devil's curse
upon my name.
The curse upon my head a life of loneliness
A life of shame.

And everyday reminded of the curse upon my name.
[written February 13, 1975]

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