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Misplaced Love

Once more-Once more
I have chosen to continue
on in life;
For to late our paths crossed
and when it did
A misplaced love was ours
for awhile;
A love ruled by two hearts
Destroyed by two hurting minds
wanting to share
Forever something never meant to be;
For, to late our paths crossed
And when it did,
A misplaced love was ours
for a while.
February 17, 1983

A human is a strange being.
Two eyes - not much seeing.
Two hands to touch
Know their hearts desire;
Strange, a touch isn't much
A body Flesh and fire
Cooled, by time
A human is a strange being
Two eyes - not much seeing.

Love is a memory in time.
Gone - not forgotten.

To speak of life one must know their heart
To speak of love one must know their mind
To speak of another's is another's matter.

When one speaks of their love's hurt and sin
They speak for all who lives and has been.

Love is two people
A man - a woman
Standing together
Caring, sharing
And daring to trust.

Love is a war

Weapons more deadly
Which doesn't kill.

Some say," It's worse
Then death."

For it is fought
Not in far away lands
For there one is aware
Always on guard.

Love's war is fought
with emotions.

The battle is fought
Closer to home,
Inside one's self.

The heart can take back
love given each time, but
Sooner or later it will
rebel, and say, "Why? Why
must I break? I have given.
And tho I will survive,
Why is my love in vain?"
[written February 25, 1983]