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The Human Mind

I am as transparent as the air
I am everywhere and nowhere -
I am happiness and sadness
I am tolerance and torment -
I am strength and weakness
I am wisdom and ignorance -
I am heaven and hell
I am acceptance and denial
I am both prisoner and judge
I am the mind - the human- mind
I am sanity and insanity.

J. Tetstone

[Published in 'Visions of Mine'

A Yes Press Publication, 1986, p.118]

Hidden Reality

Between refusing to see and dreams,
Lays hidden- REALITY.
For what is shut-out, cannot be seen,
And what is not, is only a dream.

published in American Poetics: 1986,
Vol.I, The Cambridge Collection

Follow your Star

Cherish life no matter where you are
Think of all that has been spent-Life
As if it were a star;

Take each breath as if the last
Dare to dream the impossible dream,
Hindered not by the unchangeable past;

Love life, cherish each moment...
Be whatever you choose to be,
And know, that no matter where you are,
You dare to dream and follow your star.
Written for my daughter Sharea's 13th Birthday, on
March 2,1986