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The Soul of Man

Oh, youth, innocents of yesterday gone by
Lover of humanity, elude me not!

I beseech thee to know, while time robs,
It likewise gives.

That the wisdom of living
is found not in the beginning but in life's ending.

Great men have suffered greatly
In an endless search to find
The fountain of youth,
The secrets of time.

Alas, blinded to thy light ,deaf to thy whispers,
Overcome by things of the world,
The flesh draws upon itself
The ugliness of self gain!

Oh, youth You are ever present
to those who forget not~ Thy beginning
and walk in the ever shining light of God
The beginning and the end
The Creator of all things.

Oh, Youth! The secrets of time are written
in the Heavens, and whispered by the angels
to each heart and mind.

Unheeded, yet, ever present~
The Fountain of Youth within the soul of man

Oh, ye who pass this day
without encompassing all
that enter in;
For man does not touch
the things that should be touched;
Nor see the things that should be seen
Nor hear the things that should be heard;

For the flesh touches worldly things
And knows not the touching of two spirits;
Nor does he see into the soul of himself-
And those things that should be heard-
Are cut off; Blinded to God's Light-
Deaf to God's Words
Cut off from the touch of human compassion

For do we not see with the Flesh- worldly things
Hear with the flesh, things of the worldly

Search for things that cannot be seen
Listen for things that cannot be heard
For these things are cut off from the world
Belonging to the Spirit-Encompassing all things

When my son had to go in the hospital I would take pencil and paper to write on....the above writings and the one below were written in 1990-

Today I wondered far from home;
Above the clouds all alone-

From Heaven skies I gazed below-
To all the things I did not know-

First I saw the face of sadness
Next I saw the Face of gladness

As above the clouds I flew-