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Life's Doors

The secret of "Life Door"
Is not told much anymore-
It's sad - but true.....
Life's secret I'll tell to you!

At the end of each road traveled
There stands a shut door!
We open and go in, or......
We stand outside and wish for more;

Once the doors are opened
-and you venture in,
Until you've found the key of faith
You cannot leave again;

Once inside, if the light of the soul
Does not brighten that world-
Then you will have traveled the distance,
Never knowing where you have been!

There are "Door's of Life" few shall open.
And others shall pass by -
which are filled with reached dreams -
For those who dare to try!
[written April 28, 1992]

Truth For Peace

If in the battle for truth
We encounter lies --
Let us search our spirit
For the answers --

Truth's Power fails not the man!
But, the man who fails to follow in
The light of truth --

Woe, be unto the man --
who would trade truth for peace.
[written August 9, 1992]

If My Love Had Wings

If my love had wings,
It would do beautiful things;
It would travel near and far,
To wherever the lonely are;

Wherever there's a need for love,
My wings would carry me~
I would fly the Heavens above,
With unfailing wings, untiring love;

If my love had wings,
Throughout the world love would roam,
Love would do beautiful things~
The lonely would never be alone!

If my love had wings,
It would do beautiful things;
Someone to care, the lonely
would find~
If love had wings, and
They were mine.

[written August 9, 1992]

Suffer not the ear to turn deafly away
From the tormented spirit-
Be not Blind to the creature
For judgment belongs not to man-
To God will all things
be called before
And While the creature of Satan
stalk the weak soul-venturing at
every side to destroy, the link,
that faith ties man to God.

Man does not escape torment
For he himself - is blinded to
the ways of Satan- unaware
he falls into the snares of
evil forces - Faith is the
shield of protection - without Faith
as the barrier between Hell and Heaven;
We are doomed - for no man rich or poor
shall escape the devil's traps hidden
beneath "worldly things."
[written August 1992]