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Over The Horizon

On the horizon stood the
Motionless, between past and destiny
As Death crossed over to eternity -
A last glance toward a world left behind
He asked of Destiny - (God) -
a miracle, his loved ones may see -
Destiny touched the motionless man
with A Mighty hand -
And a tear fell from death's closed eye -
As the motionless man between past and Destiny
Begin to cry - for all his loved ones to see -
A miracle from beyond the horizon
As man takes that final step
toward his destiny - God.
[written March 27, 1993]

[In 1975 my daddy was the man who touched me
and others with the tears that fell from
death's closed eye.]

Ultimate Action

Every word, every thought, every deed .....
Is a seed of hope or a seed of destruction;
Let us ponder the deed beforehand:
Rememberin God knows and sees all things,
And judges man's heart whether it be filled
with the purity of truth.

God considers what was in the heart before the
deed, before He takes the ultimate action!

Let us ponder our thoughts, choose wisely each word,
Turn to God for clear direction, before taking the
Ultimate action!!

For, it is better never to take that ultimate action,
When good intentions are not followed by the heart;
For by our thoughts, words, and deeds, we shall each
be judged-by what we have sown..
When God takes, His Ultimate Action . . . nothing shall
escape, or go un-noticed, be they our seeds of hope or
seeds of We each shall be judged, thereby:
~Every thought
~Every word
~Every deed.
[written April 21, 1993]

My daughter Sonya died May the 6th and was buried May 9, 1993,on Mother's Day-next to my mother. jt

My eyes that once touched yours
has closed in eternal rest;
My hand that once touched yours
has folded in eternal prayer;
My lips that once moved you
to tears and laughter now sings
in Heavens choir.
Tho, I took with me precious memories,
Remember dear family and friends,
I leave with you my love.
And an angels prayer that the Faith that
guided my life and the love that we
shared face to face might reunite us
once more at Heavens gate.
[written May 8, 1993]

LORD, You gave her to me loan. You told me," It won't be for long,
I'll send her a special Angel - to bring her back home."

LORD, Thank you for that special time, I held her and loved her and called her mine.
Tho, I find all around me a kind of emptiness, I KNOW, I'm a Mother Blessed.

LORD, don't let me fail you, for YOU KNOW, even though I always knew,
she belonged to YOU. You know a loving Mother hates letting go.

LORD, I know there shall be a time I may forget she wasn't mine.
And cry a tear or two now that she is gone.
And LORD, HELP ME not to forget in the hard moments,

LORD, Thank You for that special time I held her and loved her and called her mine.
Though I find all around me a kind of emptiness,
[written May 9, 1993]

The Stillness

In the stillness of the moment
Memories wonder through my mind,
Like arrows piercing my heart;
Tears make war with my sanity.
I will not yield. I will release
not the flood of self piety~

For my strength lay not amidst
Selfishness found within the
loneliness of the moment~

My strength rests on the solid
foundation of my faith!
Protect me God. for
In the stillness of the moment,
Memories torment my flesh;
How great my pain! How great~
my weakness!

Thank You, God, for in the stillness
of the moment as memories wonder
~through my mind
Like arrows, my shield of faith,
turns the arrows and calms the storm.
And my weakest moments are strengthened
By Your Presence!
[written June 29, 1993]

If I Could Get A Little Bit Closer To Jesus

The evils attack all things dear
Covered, hidden by the night -
Yet present - Oh God send
Your Angels to stand guard -
for they scream vengeance with
every strike directed at the
Shield of Faith which engulfs
my flesh and protects my spirit;
Give me strength to stand against
evil - Guide me with All wisdom
and with Your Mighty Hand turn
the evil spears aimed in attack;
For evil seeks not to destroy the
flesh - Evil seeks to destroy the Soul.
I ask in Faith, knowing You have
the power to turn back evil.
I ask in Jesus name. Amen
[written August 21, 1993]

Who Passed Her Way

Sonya's hair sparkled like golden-threads
of sunbeams, entwining in a golden sunset;
The blueness of the bluest skies
(I shall not forget)
Reminds me of Sonya's eyes;
Which sparkled childish delight,
As she lived the life she loved
In her kind and gentle ways~
The shine in Sonya's eyes reflected
To all who knew and loved her~
Sonya's love for life ~ the happiness she drew
~from, just being alive!
Showed in the sparkle in Sonya's blue eyes . . .

Sonya, had to go ~ she could not stay ( She loved
All who passed her way)
In the flickering of an-eye, Sonya ~
~Swerved off the road that day;
With all the faith she processed Sonya,
~ Gave her life away!
Why did she leave the road that day?
(She loved all who passed her way)
For this reason Sonya could not stay,
In faith she lived ~ In faith she died,
(For the one who passed her way ~ that day)

When God's angel came to collect God's loan
To take another loved one Home - I experienced

[written November 1, 1993] [Sonya went off the road to keep from hitting a boy on a bike.]