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Give To Me

Give to me a tear that I might wash myself in human misery
~And know the touch of heartache
Give to me a smile that I might place it on my sad face
~And know the touch of happiness
Give to me happiness that I might wash myself in joy
~And know the touch of friendship
Give to me a prayer that I might know God
~And know the touch of forgiveness
Give to me love that I might fill the emptiness in the world
~And know the touch of a lifetime.
[written 11-05-2000]

Your Guardian Angel

Though you do not know me,
Our souls sing together,
Our thoughts meet in the air...
And though you cannot see me,
I am there...
I am the friend that you know in your mind
and talk with in your dreams...And
Long for in your heart... I am without
Shape or form!
You have molded me from your loneliness-
And your memories of an angel who
Once brightened your world...
I am but your wish for the things past-
And your faith in the things to be...
No you do not know me-
For I am a part of all the things
your life is made up of...You!!!
Signed: Your Guardian Angel
October 2, 2000

The Journey End

Oh, so tired of the endless journey called life
That strips some of everything
And endowers others with much more
than each deserve . . .

What is man's life - that it can be
dismissed- without thought ....
If there be a God - why does his
Light shine on so few -

Tell me, I pray - where will this journey end -
When will my tears seize to drain
from my heart the blood of my being - - -

Judge me not -or judge me with
eyes that look deep into my soul -
For our ways shall part - and what will it
matter ....

For, you never knew me - nor-
have I known you - my friend,
That might have been, if only we had
reached out and grasp that wonderful
thing called ..... Friendship

[written October 15, 2000]