Live each day the way it comes to you
and be thankful for all things in it....
So many waste the moments worrying
about things that haven't happened yet.
Live the moments wisely
give your love wings and set love free
to touch others with a degree of peace.
10:12pm June 16, 2017

Today, there was a darkness
closing in on me.....
I felt the dark hands tugging
and tearing at my heart
as my love ,locked
inside, struggled to be set free.
2:43 pm Feb 8, 2017

Let not your grief
distort today's reality
nor destroy the good that
awaits thee.
For, where the heart morns
And tears fall in the day
loneliness waits
to steal ones happiness away.
7:20pm Feb 9, 2017

A friend will remember days
and times that others forget
Moment in time together spent.
8:06pm Feb 9, 2017

Love's Way
A heart that seeks out another's heart
wants nothing more than to be loved
in return.
Oh heart be still........Let love have its way
Turn not from the one who loves you
beyond measure.
Embrace love for loves' sake.
9:12pm Feb 9, 2017

No words come to mind
when uncertainty is at play.
Words are extensions of
emotions and feelings.....

Without words there would
be no way of releasing
thoughts built up over time,
that seek voice to free
a troubled mind.

When in the darkness
peace eludes you
and words fail to form
that others can hear
hold tightly to your
Shield of faith
Believe with all your heart
that God will make a way.
11:37pm Feb 10, 2017

"Words are like rain drops
falling from the sky." jt