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May 9, 2018 , I am now the proud owner of a tiny house, the
place I now call "home" that holds all the things that survived
[though tattered, torn] right along with me. The flowers on my
porch are blooming... The cucumber vine growing on
the fence has beautiful yellow flowers, with tiny cucumbers.

Angels were surely smiling down on me May 9, 2018.
My daughter Sonya Marie was buried next to my mama,
on Mother's Day, May 9, 1993.  jt


Rest Sweet Souls

Life and death
The beginning and the end
Life being born
death being born again.
Faith is the key to the
door to heaven.....neither
in being born or dying
is there a remembrance
of what has been...
Rest, sweet souls, in God's
loving hands, next to my
love that rests with you.
-Jan Tetstone
6:44p.m. May 16, 2018
By Heartsong
© 2018 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

My Poetry is My Diary

My poetry is my dairy
Each poem contains
a little of me...
When I started writing
many years ago

The words flowed easily.
I had so many feeling
locked up inside
poetry allowed me
to set my inner thoughts
and feelings free.

I saw writing poetry
as a way to leave
my children, and
future off-spring,
what I hoped would be
the best part of me.

I once wrote poetry
nonstop.... I wanted so
for those who would
read my poetry to
get a clear,word painted,
picture of who I am,
and what makes me- me.

I thank God everyday
for his gift of poetry that
allows me to give wings
to the emotions inside of me.

That allows me to touch others
with my poetry-
The same way their poetry
touches me.
-Jan Tetstone
5:45 p.m. May 28, 2018
By Heartsong
© 2019 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

I called one of God's angels
'my child' for a little while.
Until God called in His loan and took
His angel home.

While I miss my child and always will
I no she's where all angels long to be
standing in the light of Jesus, with
angel wings as white as snow and a
loving spirit set free.

While a part of me longs always
to hold her close to my heart, to have
her here with me, a part of me thanks
God for the angel I called 'my child'
for a little while.
-Jan Tetstone
7:22p.m. May 8, 2018

Letting Go

Today, I set at the table,
looking out the open door
toward the cloud covered sky
and wondered why my life is
the way it is today.

Where are the children
who once filled my life
to the brim. . .

What happened to the world
I once thrived in,
that brought my heart so much

Nothing is the way it use to be
my world that once was so full,
is still full but feels so empty.

What happened to the world
of love that once surrounded me.

Is this the way life is always
going to be, lonely and empty.

Why do I do this to me?

Lord, I'm on a roll today, as
you can read and see. I can't
help missing the time of
watching my children grow -

You know, I made them my
life-for so long-it's just hard
for me, being a mother, to let

There's an empty place in my
life today that needs to be filled.

Why, Lord, am I telling you the
things you already know.

Make me wiser, that I might learn
from living life- the importance
of loving enough, to let those I
love go.
Jan Tetstone
4:00pm Sept 29, 2018
By Heartsong

Sleeping With Memories

I reached out my hand to touch you
and for a moment forgot I was
sleeping alone. . .
How much longer will it be, before
I accept that you are gone.

If only I could turn back time
to the last morning you were truly

I would not have wasted a moment
of my last day with you, so caught up
in day to day things I thought I needed
to do.

I would have used the time to tell
you ,over and over again, how much
I love you and would miss the touch of you
if you ever left my side.

I would have made more time for us
If I had known, in the twinkling
of an eye we'd be together and then
you'd be gone..

Heaven gained another angel the day God
called you home...I know you are in a better
place, but without you I feel so lost...
and all alone.
Jan Tetstone
2:52pm September 9, 2018

Live and Love in The Day

Why worry about tomorrow
when all you love is in
the day you're living in?

Cherish the special time
you are in, With loved ones,
family and friends

For you may not find them
in your tomorrow, and you may
never get the chance again.

Yesterdays are gone ,they are
days passed -never to return.

Tomorrow rests beyond the day
we are living in.

Today [this moment] we live in,
is all we have my friend.

Why worry about tomorrow
when all you love is in
the day you're living in?
-Jan Tetstone
10:50pm Sept 9, 2018

Our River of Love

When our eyes met for the first time
I cannot explain the feelings inside of
me....Looking into your blue eyes, I found
myself falling into the river called love
with you.

I could tell by the look in your eyes
I 'd taken your heart by surprise
You were trying not to let it show
And so was I . . .

Our love caught us both by surprise
We were neither prepared to give
our heart away.

I fell in love with you and tho I knew
as much as I wanted to love you and
stay with you...in the river of love,
destiny was not on our side.

Our time together was special
to you and I. And tho we parted ways
I still carry pictures of you and me
deep down inside.

By Heartsong
September 2018

© 2019 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

Forever And A Day

If tomorrow never comes
and we part in the day
Let thoughts of me bring
peace and a smile to your

Let not the days without me
erase the sweet memories
together we made.

Let my memory bear witiness
to my faith- that Jesus is the
Light and the way.

May my love embrace you,
your faith strengthen you and
Jesus abide with you forever
and a day.
-Jan Tetstone
10:15 am August 16, 2018


Star Fairy Meets Carter Crow
By Jan Tetstone

One day, while Star fairy was flying through the enchanted forest, very fast, she glanced down at the blue water below her, just as she was raising her head, she found herself looking straight into the face of a wide-eyed black bird. The fairy and bird collided and both fell into the water.


Star fairy's head popped up out of the water. Her fairy wings had saved her.

"Why didn't you look where you were going," the black bird screamed at the fairy angrily.

"Why weren't you looking where you were going," Star fairy replied back.

"What do you mean," the crow asked.

"Well...If you had been watching where you were going, you would have seen me long before we collided, and we neither one would have ended up in the water," Star replied, looking the crow dead in the eyes.

Knowing the fairy was right the crow started laughing.......and he laughed....and laughed...

Star managing to lift herself from the water, looked over at the crow that too was, now, flying just above the water.

The crow stopped laughing, "My name is Carter Crow."

"My name is Star fairy. ...What's so funny about the two of us colliding, and falling in the water, “asked the fairy, wondering if the crow's head had hit the water so hard that it knocked the sense out of him.

"Apparently, we were both looking down at the water, wishing we had time for a swim, at the same time,” Carter Crow answered, starting to laugh again.

This time, instead of wondering why the crow was laughing, Star fairy started laughing right along with her new found friend.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for when flying over water.
6:56pm October 9, 2018

Only Faith and God

There are no words to ease a mother's broken heart
Only love and faith in God, keeps her whole world
from falling apart, when the death angel comes
and flies away with a piece of her heart.

Losing a child, who once slept and awakened to the
sound of her heart beat;
who reminded her he was there, by the kicking of
his tiny feet.....
Who was a part of her life from the moment he
was conceived, leaves a part of her life empty.

Time doesn't fill the emptiness in a mother's life
that losing a child leaves......
The mother who loses her child silently grieves
for the baby who once slept and awakened to the
sound of her heart beat.
-Jan Tetstone
1:29 am October 23, 2018
By Heartsong
© 2019 Heartsong (All rights reserved)

The Purple Fairy Hat
by Jan Tetstone

Star fairy was setting in her tiny fairy chair, unloading the purple chest of its magical treasures. "Where is it!?" she asked herself, as the pile of magical treasures, next to her, grew higher and higher.

Taking a tiny purple hat from the chest, Star fairy smiled from ear to ear.

Holding the hat with her tiny fairy hand, she flew over to the magic mirror, hanging on the wall.

Placing the tiny purple hat on her head, Star watched her image in the mirror, waiting for it to disappear. Nothing happened.

"It's Halloween! I can't go out, unless I'm invisible! There's monsters and vampires behind every tree, waiting to suck away all my fairy energy and magic. What am I to do?” Moaned Star fairy, remembering what happened to the last fairy who ventured out on Halloween without being invisible.

There came tap tap tapping on the fairy house door.

"Who is it?” Star asked, taking one last glance in the mirror.

"It's me Carter Crow,” replied Carter crow,” I've come to get my purple hat. I left it here last Halloween. Remember!?”

Taking the tiny hat from her tiny head, Star fairy flew to the door, opened it, handed Carter the hat, and shut the door without saying a word.

"I'll see you in the enchanted forest Star fairy,” the crow, turning to fly away, hollowed back.

Star fairy's eyes rested on the purple chest for a sliver of a moment. She snapped forward, opened it, and retrieved the tiny purple hat from inside.

Once more flying over to the mirror hanging on the wall. . .

Star fairy places the tiny magic hat on her head, and happily watches, as her image in the mirror begin to slowly fade away.

Author Unknown

I have a gift
my god
gave to me
To write
the unwritten
to un-sing the song
to rewrite what
has not been.

I don't write
to impress
the eyes that read
with a closed heart
closed mind.

I write for the
broken hearted
who in a fake
filled world
is lost in the
dreams created
by others.

Some of the
best writers
are those who
touched lives
and hearts
and moved on...

Marked by a greedy
writer's hand
"author unknown."
-Jan Tetstone

4:17am November 15, 2018

Drops of Rain

We are all only drops of rain
in the ocean of life.
Together we make up theaters
of humanity.

One rain drop has the power
to move the waters.

The rain drops that fall by the
sea shore, and are carried off
by in coming waves, pollute
the waters one grain of sand
at a time.

Every rain drop that falls
has the potential to be
struck by the sun and for
a moment...
the reflection of a sunbeam.
Jan Tetstone
12:07pm December 16, 2018

Sky Watcher

The air is freezing cold
to my skin and to my soul.
I grab my camera and rush

Click- Click- click- click
another sky recorded
for the denier's eye.

Shutting out what's going
on in the sky won't make
it go away.

For years I've looked- up only
to see chemtrailing going on
poisoning the very air,
to live, one must breathe.
-Jan Tetstone
8:44am December 21, 2018

Thoughts on Life

Look Beyond yesterdays
that put a damper on your dreams
Even bad days are a thread
sewing together the whole of a life's

Learn from mistakes that life
has no set rules for how one
goes about reaching their dream.

Building up and tearing down
some do well, while others seek
only to build the best the first time

Strive not to tear down other
peoples' dreams while trying
to reach your own.
-Jan Tetstone
11:09am December 20, 2018

Betray Not Another's Love

I am but a lowly traveler
on life's roads of ups
and downs...
I see through my inner eyes
the things behind and before me.

Betray not the love or trust
of any...
For love is beyond the reach
of those who seek love- seeking
only to possess love.

Trust and love go hand in hand
dare not to think you can control
your own heart-when love comes
a calling.

Love is not weak- love has brought
many with a cold heart to their knees.
-Jan Tetstone
7:05pm, December 25, 2018

Seas of Life

The seas of life are many
and few...
Only one sea must one
swim through.

Ones sea another can't
swim without them...

For, each life is a sea
with it's own storms
and waters to thread.

Going up and going down
each moment filled with
old waters mixed in
with the new.

Swim your sea, face each
storm faithfully....

For, in the heart that
knows love rests the key
to calm life's raging seas.
- Jan Tetstone
3:48pm December 28, 2018


Reflection in Reverse

To the evil that dwells
in the hearts and minds
of all who lay claim to
knowledge, ignorantly...
who think they are wiser
than all others:

You are but a speck of
nothingness, because of
your hateful ways.

A seed spit from the mouth
of lies and deceit.

A reflection in reverse
of what you perceive life
to be....

Beware! For angels hands
are tied, but soon....
The creator of night and day
and all things under the sun,
shall pour out the tears of
the innocent over evil's
head and set the angels free.

Wise is he who judges not, and
tramples not on the footprints
made for others to walk in.

Choose not to stone an innocent
soul with unkind words....
least you trip and stumble over
your own words.
Jan Tetstone
1:40pm December 29, 2018
By Heartsong