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    Heart Felt Message

The people of the world are no longer willing to sacrifice that the rich can get richer, while the rest get poorer; While the elite have the best of everything, and many of the poorest have nothing but streets and wire cages to call 'home.'

God has blessed America; because the patriotic spirit still thrives in the majority of American hearts.

Freedom can not thrive in any country where greed sets at the helm of  government; and as long as communism rules, ones thoughts and everyday life.

Take your country back by putting effort into weeding out any foreign owned banks and companies that have shown little or know respect for the values and traditions passed down from times of old.

Just by doing what the heart dictates is morally right, just by taking a stand for the right of a matter, thing change for the better, be it ,sometimes, slowly.

There is safety in numbers; but there is endless power in 'truth.'

The crumbs of life are sweetest when hope fills ones daily plate.             -Jan Tetstone
10:08am October 4, 2019


Angels Watch

Have you not the eyes to see
the black threads of light
lurking behind every silver thread
of sunshine?!
Have you not the ears to hear
the waves of tears drawing near?

The angels watch and the angels hear,
What will be, drawing near.

Have you not the heart to stand in
the waters, to fight and bend, with
the winds of time...to spare but one
kind thought for the stranger whose
heart has been broken...?

The angels stand in the trenches of
man's blood, sweat, and tears; unmoved
by the waters or the wind...to give
hope to those whose hearts have been
broken. -Jan Tetstone

5:42pm September 25, 2019

Life is an on going battle
one strives to live in
knowing, life changes with
the waters and is moved
according to life's winds.

In the silence, I set, with quietness surrounding me.
With nothing but my thoughts to keep me company
In a world so quickly fading into a memory,
Clinging not to the worldly, I wait, faithfully, for
A tomorrow that may never be. -Jan Tetstone
1:02am September 22, 2019


Someone has to think about the future of today's children.
Who will it be? Who, besides the solder, will defend the
right of all to live and die free?
Are not innocent children worth the blood, sweat and tears
it takes to water the liberty tree?
Have we learned nothing from history!
As for me, like those who guarded liberty for me,
I am willing to sacrifice all, to insure future generations
inherit the torch of liberty -that all past, freedom loving, people
passed down to me. -Jan Tetstone

3:58am September 19, 2019


Keep faith in the day
turn not away from
the Light that draws
you on......
Believe with all your heart
in faith's power to heal
the outer you, and its power
to keep safe the spirit that
dwells inside of you.

God gives the faithful the
power to heal according to
ones faith.
3:22pm September 12, 2019

The test of ones faith
is an inner one.
Think not that man is god.
Science is the devil's tool...
Used to turn the most
brilliant mind
into the mind of a fool.
3:10pm September 12, 2019

Lord, The darkness that once slept with the stars
has betrayed the day. Light grows dim beneath an
empty sun, as the blueness of the sky fades to an
unnatural gray; Mortal eyes cannot see the invisible
armies of demons sent from hell to kill the soul.
11:27pm Sept 11, 2019

There is nothing more one can do
after all one can do is done.
Once a thing is done
it's always done, regards,
of the number of changes made.

Getting older gives one more time
to ponder life with heart and mind.
O how nice it would have been,
to know what I know now, way back then.

Believe with your heart- your beliefs.
5:56pm September 10, 2019

The fool is he who hides behind
flickering sparks of ignorance
-to feed lies to unsuspecting minds.
3:10pm,september 9, 2019

There Are

No one knows the hour
or the time that life and death
shall meet and loved ones
shall weep.
Worry not about the things
to come that you may never
Waste not a moment
worrying about unchangeable
Live in the moment
love in the here and now
there is no promise of life
after a breath is taken...
Life is much to dear and
 the length of one's life is unknown
There is a time for every thing
under the sun....
Things that will and won't
get done...
There are reasons why
some give up, and cry over things
come and gone...
While others wipe away their tears,
lift higher their shield of faith
and journey on.
Faith comes from believing
in something greater than
we are. -Jan Tetstone
11:27 pm September 8, 2019

Does the Past Matter?

Does the past matter?
Of course, it does.
The past bonds us into
who we are this day.
Some pasts are dark
and dreary too....
That even a single
thought of the darkness
can bring a tear or two
even in the light of a
new day.

None are perfect
nor can they be
as the past can testify
The only thing that
makes us worthy
is the love we see
for us
in another's eyes.
-Jan Tetstone
12:10pm September 7, 2019


Life has a way of teaching us
the things we already know
but don't want to admit-
we only lose those things
we love-when we give up and

Life's lessons well learned
are the ones we never forget.

Never look for reasons to give
up, without first considering
the reasons to keep going. jt

11:18pm September 6, 2019


There are places one can hide
from the outside world but
regardless of the hiding place
one cannot hide from one's self.

Bad things happen in life that
break hearts and causes inner, and
outer, strife.

We can always find someone to blame
our mistakes on but the truth is one's
conscious is not transferable.

2:06am September 5, 2019

Ride the Winds

Every day is the beginning of old things anew
Wake, O soul , let me not walk blindly
in the day I'm travelling through.

Lift my spirit above the turmoil created by
doubt and uncertainty....
Show me the things I should do- that my
outer eyes may not see.

Fill my heart with love enough to ride the winds
of time and give me the courage to stand firmly
against life's rising tides.
                                     -Jan Tetstone

3:16pm August 31, 2019



Never think you are alone in sorrow
Walk in faith today and tomorrow.
This world, we are only passing through
how we choose to live in it
is up to me and you.
It's easy to make excuses for actions
and deeds done....
but wiser to accept blame and
from mistakes learn.
Just be who you are ...not what
others would have you be.
12:00 am midnight August 30, 2019

Do in the day what you have to do
do it the best you can -

Never second guess things
already done.

If deceit be your lot
failure be your ruin.
9:48am August 28, 2019

When two paths cross,
for a moment two souls
touch, in passing.

It's sad to think in passing
two fates at the crossing
were decided.

Walk not blindly toward
the unknown.
Look deep into the heart
of the stranger... who
in passing left with you
a flicker of hope from
a kindred spirit- to
help you through.

Always, keep your inner
eyes focused on inner
9:56pm August 27, 2019

Note to Myself

Remember your raising
and the paths you have
travelled on.....
Try not to misjudge
those whose paths
cross your own.
If you stumble over a stone
remove it from the path
so others won't trip
and journey on.
11:35pm August 26, 2019

The search for truth begin
with the first lie ever told.

The path to eternity is walked
one step at a time.

What matters is not the past
but the things learnt from
the past.

Peace prevails in the end
when a faithful soul
is laid to rest.
12:58pm August 26, 2019

From a Trail of Tears

From a Trail of Tears
and so much more,
Love created a melting
pot of hope and peace.

Mended hearts, renewed
faith, the past lays
sleeping in yesterdays.

Hope for tomorrow was
paid for by a Trail of
Tears and so much more.

Hate and war cannot de-
stroy, the melting pot
created by love.

When are we going to learn,
the beast has always been
here, manipulating people, and
using hate and fear.

Wake up, open your heart,
along with your eyes

Stop blaming children for Crimes
against humanity and dignity,

Stop blaming children for the sins
of adult men and women
strive for a world where love, hope,
and peace lead...and the hearts of
men (as in humanity) opens to all,
regardless of color and creed.

Stop blaming children's crimes
against another's dignity,
on illiteracy...

Stop telling children
'all the world is underhanded'
then proclaim yourself a seeker
of peace.

Give children reason to believe in
better tomorrows.

Teach them that it's because of the
Trail of Tears and so much more
That Americans of the melting pot
have learned to respect each other's
right to life and liberty.

Teach children, by example, that love
has been, and always will be, the key
to peace.
-Jan Tetstone
5:11pm August 20, 2019

Life was before time begin
Time is just the measure
of the life of a man.

Time cannot be defined
Time has no existence
Without life.

When earthly time ends
infinity begins.

With time all things change
back into what it was
when life begin.

For better or worse
when time on earth ends
all return to where time
12:43pm August 20, 2019


When night falls
day follows.

Forget not
day begins
with a single
heart beat.

Sky watches

Faith is its
own eyes.

Love remembered
is better than
never having
love to lose.

Reasons exist
for a reason
Reasons are
nothing more
than excuses
one makes
to lessen blame
for made mistakes.

Life has secrets
better untold.

Love is a part
of man's whole.

Love that is blind
is love that kills
ones soul.

Love, never expecting
love in return, has
rewards of its own.
August 15, 2019 12:21pm


When silent righteous people
watch evil at play
The sun darkens, clouds
morn the wicked ways, and man's
soul once more has been tested.

When unaware small ears await the
sparrow's song
Snakes on bellies crawl.
10:06am August 14, 2019



Lord, guide me down the paths you
would have me go...
Let my eyes not lose sight of the Light
always shining before me...
Let my hands not fail to give freely
to those in need...
Let my heart never tire of caring
Let my soul, Lord, never give in
to the temptation I face every day
Let not my feet stray from the path
your angels lay for me to walk on.
None but you, Lord, deserve the praise.
4:52pm August 3, 2029

Lord, I have strayed once more
from the path you lay for me
It's time to practice what I preach.

I'm guilty of caring about things
I cannot change beyond my reach.

Some have lost their ability to care
For me that is my greatest fear-

I'm lacking in something that  strangers
who touched my life, in my time of need, processed.
I truly think, Lord, I'm not worthy of your gift
and it's time to give heartsong's pen a rest.
12:39pm August 3, 2019

The dividers in the world are the ones who
will do anything to prove their beliefs are right
and all other beliefs are wrong.

They, knowingly, seek ways to keep mankind
under their control-they are the elite
liars filled with greed and deceit
they exist only to carry on where others
left off, to rule over the godless, and god fearing
it matters not a man's color or creed...
whether or not its a love filled or a hate filled heart
it matters not...

The elite are conditioned from birth to believe
they are the ones who are born to rule....
that all others are lesser entries, the products
of ignorant souls who deserve nothing but
crumbs from their tables.

How could we have drifted so far a part, unknowingly?
Every generation has had to contend with the
powerful elite, and by the grace of God, kept them
under truth's control.... There was a time the elite
greatest fear was the farmers, loggers, ranchers, fishermen
Hard working honest men....

But while honest men worked to feed and cloth their families
the elite were buying up the mills, and factories... and buying
and selling off pieces of countries to foreign lands.
What we are bearing wittiness to today did not happen
over night- it took the elite decades to deceive
a world of people.

The elite's greatest fear is "peace among men."

Honesty and righteousness is the birthright of mankind

Truth and justice cannot thrive in the hand of liars and thieves.

Too many use others as excuses for every thing evil they do

Learn, from what you see in the world today, what happens when
the few abuse the power entrusted to them....
The elite get move control; while fisheries, mills, factories, farms,
and the very air we breathe, falls further and further into decay.
11:21pm August 1, 2019


If one believes in something with all their heart
they must safeguard against the self doubt that
is sure to follow.

I have no use for words that would destroy
the foundation from which ones dreams flow.

If life was as easy as I would have life be
not one would go unloved, or feel the bitter sting
of hate and misery.

Because I live in the world does not make me
a part of the worldly... This world is not my
home- like all born to live and die.... like you,
I'm living in a world I'm only passing through.

Change that matters the most is the change
made by love that gives one hope where there was none.
1:33pm July 30, 2019


Being born poor in worldly things, to a family rich in love, prepared me for the life I lead today.

My raising instilled in me, by examples SET BY OTHERS, the belief that neither grandeur or high status are necessary to reach ones dreams; the belief that the lives of strangers in passing are as important as those who are apart of my life every day; the belief that good out weighs bad in each of us, until things become more important than people.
2:09pm July 28, 2019

"All men are created equal" 

It matters not that one is poor in worldly things
if one can recognize the riches he carries inside
his heart.

A rich man's happiness would soon disappear,
with only a penny in his pocket.

The sweetest wine is the kind a poor man makes,
from the wild berries he picks with his own two hands,
to share with family and friends.
11:06pm July 27, 2019

Me and one of my grandsons-June 2019

Some people ,after finding out my age, having never seen me have made comments ,usually after I write a comment they don't like on another site.

 "Why don't you go play bingo!?"

 At ,almost, 71 years old, I still have things to do, besides playing bingo. Nothing wrong with bingo....but there are some misguided souls who believe everyone's quality of life drops to zero at a certain age.  My advice to 'old' people like me..... Keep faith and try never to let go of your inner beauty. God has away of letting it shine through for others to see from time to time.  jt


Today, I looked beyond the words
to the blinding darkness of man's
soul; to the betrayers of saints,
to the jackal-servant of the eternal
night that fools it pray with false

In the midst of the darkness stood
greed and lust with out stretched arms,
biding the children of the night 'come'

Then an uncountable number of faithful
hearts lit up the darkness with love's
eternal flame, burning to cinder the out
reached arms, sparing only the children
of light whose innocence was used to trap
their souls...

and greed and lust vanished, and the hearts
took on the forms of angels, and the
children wept, at the sight of the beauty
that stood, in legions, before them
with out stretched arms.
9:06pm July 26, 2019

Lord, it's late
I'm to tired to sleep
So much on my mind
and in my heart....
when I lay down, please,
cover me with peace.

2:11am July 26, 2019

Sometimes we take the peace
that surrounds us for granted.

When your world feels
Like its turned upside down,
Raise high your shield of faith
Put your faith in high gear
and turn things around.

4:01pm July 25, 2019

A place in which my life and my god
can exist as one, away from the negative
into which each were born to hunger for
the kind of peace, that feeds the soul
and strengthens the weak.

A place called "home" that's filled with
love, and covered with a blanket of faith,
that gives comfort to those who sleep and
wake cuddled to their inner faith

3:47pm July 25, 2019

Love is shown every time
someone does something
for another with the best
of intentions...out of the
goodness of their heart.

Don't judge someone you
have no way of knowing...
we all have our trials,
and burdens to bear.

God is my strength
when I am weak...
My pillow of hope
when the worldly
makes me doubt the
sun will shine again.
The love in my heart 
when I need a reminder
that love has the power
to change

The heart of humanity.
1:16am July 25, 2019

When my mind is troubled
I know I've taken in to much
of the worldly.
When my words target
another, in a belittling way
I know, I need to set back,
and give some thought to
why I even care what
I leave behind.
Then, I realize
It's the things we do in
our life time that
determines the kind of
world our offspring will find.
12:56am July 26, 2019

When faced with indecision
it's best to follow commonsense
that's guided by the heart...

There will always be great minds
willing to share knowledge
with those they think ignorant...
when pushing a personal

Stay on the path of right,
follow your heart,
to see more clearly
the stones on the paths
you wander down.

Not every road
ends at happiness' door.

11:07am July 24, 2019

Many with love filled hearts
walk through this world
feeling unloved, and all alone.

The meaning of love is
the meaning one gives love.

Empty is a vessel void of love.

Love often shows itself
in the form of human compassion. 

   12:34pm July 23, 2019

I tried to write a poem
It turned into a story
as sad as could be
It caused me to think
of where my life
could have been
without my inner strength
to pick me up, dust me off,
and send me on my way, again.
12:13pm July 23, 2019

The world does not change
the things inside of man
though it can change
worldly things.

From worldly things
man decides his worldly life,
with inner change his destiny.

Change is a choice:
change of mind
change of lifestyle
change of residence
change of beliefs
change of heart.

One becomes what they believe
ones self to be.

Through Thoughts actions are born.
10:47am July 23, 2019

Bitterness takes sweetness
out of life...
Where there is hope
for tomorrow.
Bitterness allowed
to reign in ones life
can only bring sorrow,
heartache, and strife.
10:39am July 23, 2019

What will the day bring?
I know not...
It can bring anything
I will survive as long as
my god lives in my life, and
love resides in my heart.
10:32am July 23, 2019

The morning brought thoughts
that for a moment or two
cut holes in my heart
through and through.
Then another thought
came to mind...
for everything under the sun
there is a place and time.
10:24am July23, 2019

Don't look back to yesterdays' promises that
were broken, to love emptied out -never to return
again; to hopes and dreams, wasted
away, in times and places in yesterdays.
Don't try to figure out things come and gone,
cling to memories worth remembering; take
a deep breath and move on.
4:49pm July 21, 2019

Seek understanding

when times are dark

seek understanding

with an open mind

and a loving heart.

11:44am July 18, 2019

Oh, how fast, love and peace
could grow and thrive,-if not
for closed hearts and minds
keeping misunderstanding alive.

Without voice, love will, forever
linger inside the heart, wasting
away in inner darkness.
9:17am July 18, 2019

People watchers learn
from the doers.

one whoes never played
in the rain
knows not the joy it brings.

Flowers fade but the glory
of their beauty, caught by
ones eyes, lingers long
after the flowers have faded
and gone.

Take control of your life
let what's inside out.

Time is something one lives in
dreams in, hopes in, and dies in,
with time.

I know my god is real, I know the
feel of His touch in my life,
and on my heart.

Happiness, like any thing else, eludes
us all at times.

As long as evil is allowed to be
Where evil abides there can be no

Turn your life around, if you know
it's going the wrong way...everything
in life evolves around the choices
one makes each day.

Don't give up....walk straight
Today holds your life but
Tomorrow holds your fate.
10:42am July 16, 2019

It's hard to believe that yesterday
has come and gone
as today I think on the things that
didn't get done.

Wise words written by others are nice
to read but books can be deceiving.

Anyone, ever born, came into this world
with a whole spirit; innocent to all
that lay before them.

When one speaks words of hate or love,
little ears listen.

Don't worry about the hours
and what you'll do in them...
live in the moment
you are live in.

Nothing love cannot do
if love lives inside
the heart in you.

Sometimes, just before
a dream comes true, one
gives up on their dream
much too soon.

Strive to reach the love
and happiness that awaits you...

No one can take your dreams away,
unless you let them.

Tell someone you love them everyday
and if all are safe in your world.
at the end of your day,
give thanks-
Some ones loved one somewhere
has been taken away.

A show of Kindness, in passing,
has the potential to make another's
world, and your own, a better place.
11:50am July 15, 2019


Let not the bitterness in another's heart
become the bitterness in your own...
For to easy it would be for another
to blame their bitterness  on you.

Accept the blame for your own mistakes
and use the lessons learned, to wisely
guide others away from making the same

Life is not to blame, for ones mistakes
It's the choice in life one makes.

Take care not to treat yourself
worse than you would treat another...

For every life our life touches
we leave a mark on another's
heart- a memory good or bad.

Strive always to touch, gently,
another's heart...Leave a light
in their dark
.   5:37pm , July 13, 2019

"Happy Birthday Bella..... I Love You."- Nanny

Love doesn't count
mistakes another makes
Love is both give and
Set your heart free to love
and when the time comes
love and be happy.
Let the past be a reminder
of how fast life
is slipping away.
Cherish each moment
give thanks for the day.
4:12pm July 12, 2019

When the heart is in morning
its healing.

Keep faith when trouble
comes your way.

Like the wind, things
in life can change the
direction they're going in.

For all injustice, there will be,
a judgment day.

12:49am July 12, 2019

When the time comes
things will pass...
as foretold
in times of old .
nothing in the world
is made to last.

12:40am July 12, 20019

In the quite of the night
I look beyond the dark vale
surrounding me, to the approaching
peace, whispering softly "It's
time to sleep. It's time to sleep.

Never waste a moment, to worry.

If one never takes the time to
to count their blessings, they
either have none to count,
or they take the blessing in
their life for granted.

Every thing in life has a time
to shine and a time to grow dark.

Very few will get through this life
without tasting their own tears.

Stay focused on living life the best
you can -walk up right in all your ways,
and hold close to your heart your shield
of faith.
1:10am July 10, 2019

Do the best you can
With what you've got.

Caring hands and a
loving heart.....
keep our world
balanced out, when
it feels like its
being pulled apart.

What good is living
an easy life that doesn't
prepare one for life's
hard times?

There will always be
a better tomorrow
if the day passes without

I'm as imperfect as one
can be.....but a loving heart
beats inside of me.

The tests in life are not
the same for everyone...
Some cry a little
Others cry a lot
And those without love in
their heart cry the most.

We are in life, what we allow
life to turn us into.

Many lives are wasted away
because at sometime in their
life someone let them down.

Try not to judge so harshly
people and things you don't

Love and human compassion
have the power to make change.
10:21pm July 8, 2019

Life will never be as long,
as one would have it be...
But ones life will always be
a part of an eternity.

Not always will one wear a
smile for others to see
Not always will ones life
be easy....but always if
ones faith is there....
the worst of things one can

I've fell down but my faith
showed me that I could stand

Let yesterdays rest in peace
as you move through the day.
For always a memory will hold
the power, one gives it, to
give or take ones happiness away.

We can do nothing that the
eyes of the angels cannot see;
There's nothing we think or say
that the ears of angels cannot
At times when we think we are
alone-angels draw near.

Live one day at a time...
Take one step at a time toward
your destiny....
Keep faith always in your heart
felt beliefs.
9:36pm July 7, 2019

Lord, remove life's un-seeable barriers
that keep me from reaching the place
my heart longs to be...

Where does my heart long to be?

Wherever wildflowers grow, near a running
stream, where I can plant and grow, with my
love, setting next to me, love's precious

I pour out my heart for the world to see
Knowing, When words are foreign to the
reader, the intended meaning of what one
is trying to say can get lost.

Misunderstandings happen when one can
read the words but can't quite grasp the
full meaning.

If you love someone, every chance you get,
let your love show.

We are all on the road to eternity.
11:14am, July 4, 2019



My life is not built around
the worldly, tho I live
in the world.
My life is not built around
others, tho I belong
to the family, called
Nothing that I am
or ever shall be, in this life,
reflects the whole of me.
My life evolves around My god,
My faith and my beliefs....
things that others cannot know
or see...My life belongs to my
god, and is on loan to me.

Who am I? I am me.
8:48am July 3, 2019


There's a peace in the air I breathe
that sends a warmth to the deepest
part of me.

A peace I know is there, not by
the world around me....or the
things my eyes can see, but by the
entwining peace, weaving itself
into every essence of my being.

There are things in the world not
meant for all to see; one finds
peace according to what to one

None have the power to take another's
faith away, if one truly believes...

For every mortal tear shed, an angel

Heartache and loneliness go hand in hand
during troubling times that tempts
a man's soul.

Raise high your Shield of Faith
for under the banner of your god
your physical-life may go wanting
but your soul is safe.

Throw out the negative- and entertain
angels through your faith.
1:59pm July 2, 2019


Thoughts to Think On

In the end there will be nothing hidden...
the liar shall be overcome by the lies
told....and each man's life but a thread
to his soul.

The teachings of deceit shall shine under
truth's light...and the deceitful shall
learn, the price for filling the world and
the souls of the innocent, with the darkness
of the night. -Jan Tetstone

2:13pm July 1, 2019

Begin your day with God and
faith, tho there be a dark cloud
on its way to rob you of inner

There will always be heartache
for the faithful, that will break
their spirit or make their spirit
For God takes nothing away that
His goodness did not make.
Cry your tears with inner joy
knowing whatever God takes away
was God's to take.

All things have a time and a
Strive to serve your god...
Love and be happy in the day.

12:38pm July 1, 2019



The Spiritual War has long
been going on...
It's a war for the souls
of men...
It's not fought with knifes,
and guns, in hand to hand
It's a war between good and
bad spirits that's fought from

Many spread fear, veiled as
truth...to keep men divided,
while they suck righteousness
and morality from their souls.

Evil cannot hope to win
the war between angels and
demons....still, they tug at
hearts and minds of men with the
negative...in hopes of bringing
Shields of Faith down.

Oh faithful ones, fear not the
signs of the times-for as long
as faith keeps fear at bay, all
good and faithful servants of
God are well and safe.

Demons and liars use fear to
get men to think negatively...
about things faith controls.
As long as love is in the heart
Safe is a man's soul.
6:44pm June 28, 2019


The world is full of trickery
let your shield of faith
lead you through the day.
1:07am June 28, 2019

When life seem unfair
days are longer- nights
are too.
Until one reaches down
deep inside and grasps
that inner strength
called 'faith'
to help them through.

Walking through
troubled times alone...
would be unbearable
If all hope was gone.

There's a reason for
every broken heart
for every tear,
for every moment ones
world felt like its
was coming apart.

Faith is the key that
unlocks doors that are
un-openable -
that moves locked hearts
to open for love again-
that moves angels to
rush to our side- when
we feel alone, and need
a friend.

Cling to your faith
with all your heart
with all that you are
never doubt the power
of the faith you carry

Lift your god and your
shield of faith up every
day... Stay strong in
your faith.
11:16pm June 27, 2019


The will to live resides inside of me
My faith gives me strength to overcome
the worldly....
My god gives me the power to be.
9:32am June 26, 2019

Once, my tomorrows
drew me onward
Blindly, I resisted not
the passing of time...
lived each tomorrow
turned to day
More than once losing
my way.

How could I have been
so blinded by the worldly
That even one day found me
drowning in self pity?

When I was born love first
touched me through my
mother's hands...soon forgot
the reason for my first tears.

Yesterdays are gone-no going back
to what was.
Tomorrows rest only in ones hopes
and dreams of better things to come.
Today is the only chance we get to live
one breathe and one moment at a time.

There is no promise of a tomorrow
All things rest in the day.

Listen to your heart when you have lost
your way...
Love, live and be happy...It's a new day.
A new beginning to be, and draw nearer your
dreams to being a reality.
9:16am June 26, 2019



Hold tightly to your faith
in your time of need
for nothing happens on earth
that the eyes of the angels
do not see.

I was born long, long ago
An innocent child, with
much to learn and things
to know.

Days turned into years
the moment I was born
was lost to my memory,
and with experience
I grew to be 'me.'

From tasting my own tears
with only my faith in my
god to comfort me...
I was taught ,to be more
thoughtful of others and
to understand, that not
always is one's pain
accompanied by tears....
that another can see.

From being alone, with
my own thoughts, and my
faith to keep me company,
I learned the value of
my being there for others
in there time of need.

From living long, and
making mistakes along the
way, I learned to value
both sides of me; the side
that made mistakes, and
the side that learned
from those mistakes.
4:52pm June 25, 2019

A sense of who we are
rests in everything
that touches our life.

None, but I, can change
my destiny...
all things gone
all things that may be
took, and will take roots
first inside of me.

To blame ones destiny
on the actions of another
is to live another's dream.

Live life faithfully
You are unique
break free of inner doubt
Live and love
knowing you are worthy
of a place in another's

Each moment is a step
away from yesterday, that
moves us closer to tomorrow.
9:49am June 24, 2019

Where love lives
hearts gather
and peace resides.

Good still reigns
in the hearts of men
though times get dark
and hearts get broken
Hearts can mend and
the sun can shine again.
11:26pm June 23, 2019

Everything in life
has a place and time
There's nothing new
under the sun.....
We are all running
in a race
that's already been run.
10:21pm June 23, 2019


A mistake made is unchangeable
regardless of ones regret for making
the mistake.
A wrong choice made can sometimes
be a blessing in disguise....
See with the heart
What is often overlooked by the

Life is to short to be shared with
negative feelings of self doubt,
threading the waters of life
is what living is about.

Live this day with a thankful heart
knowing the faith you carry inside
links you to your better self.
9:15am June 21, 2019

In the spirit all are whole
In the flesh one can be
broken mentally, physically
and Spiritually.

I endue because in the spirit
I am made strong...through the
love and faith I carry inside
my heart.

When a man places his wants
and desires above the needs
of others...It shows lack
of human compassion; a life
wasting away in luxury and

When a man labels another
a lesser man, he becomes the
lesser of the two.

The deceiver knows not he
deceives himself, with his
own lies.

I would change nothing
in my life
Not one tear would I
chance having to wipe
away again.

Pain and loss have been
my lot, made bearable,
by the faith and love,
I cling to with my heart.

We are all imperfect individuals
living in an imperfect world
We live in a world of have and
have-nots ; where the majority
have hearts; and the few who rule
the world do not.

Let the bad in another stay in
another; live your life walking
upright in all your ways...
Let truth and faith reign...
Never lower your Shield of Faith.
11:10pm June20 2019

Lord, many years ago, you walked next to me
on the path surrounded by darkness, you and death
stood between me, and the light drawing my soul
into eternity.

The Light's bright glow was like nothing I had ever
seen. Oh...how I longed to enter that glow "Please,
let me go...into the glow. I want so to go."

"You must go back"

"Why do I have to go back" I remember saying
so long ago-
to the presence walking next to me- as death
stepped back to let me go.

"When the time comes you will know."

The near death experience took me to the Light,
whispered to my soul...and in the twinkling of an
eye, death let me go.

"When the time comes you will know."
7:33pm June 20, 2019


Soon the veil will be lifted
from the eyes of all who cannot see
and the trap of the greedy
shall be emptied out...

The sick shall be healed
the hungry fed
And the blind made to see.

Awaken innocent souls
from your sleep
there is no more time to dream
All that you have believed to be true
are only
someone else's fantasies

Look beneath what you see
the truth has been hidden
nothing is as it seems to be.

For long, the wicked have
created a world to hide their
faces in....for they wear
the faces of evil-that if seen
would rally the souls of good men

Walk not in the ways of greed and lust
remembering always that evil consumes
those caught unaware-

Walk upright in all your ways
fearing none but the servants of God
who walk through this world, unseen.
A world where nothing is as it seems.

8:30am June 20, 2019

Today, like every day, I put the day in
God's hands...knowing, if I weaken
in the flesh, God's angels will be there
to lift my spirit up again.

Keep faith in troubling times
Faith can keep negative away....

" I Love you" cost nothing to say
and means everything when it
said from ones heart.

8:37pm June 17, 2019

To remember can sometimes be the hardest thing to do

Today, I showed my humanness
because in the flesh I'm human.8:18pm

Sentimentalist Writers

Critics [and some writers] throw the word
'sentimentalist' around like it's the
absolute devil...
Writings by Sentimentalist writers have
even been called 'terrorist activity'

Like the thought of feeling emotions is a sin,
Like it's wrong to write anything that might
cause people to feel, or start feeling something

I'm a heartwriter and writing from the
heart, is what I do.
It doesn't take asking a critic, for me
to know the events in my life, that tears,
love and faith, helped me through.

Without emotion-with ,only, reason to go
by.. written words would be cold...
Sentimentalist writers write with heart
and soul.

When written words move another in such away
as to: bring tears to their eyes; put a
smile on the face of one who hasn't smiled
in years...or cause one to be reminded of
their own humanness ...I fail to see, where logic
and reasoning fit in to the telling part of
writing  prose or poetry.

If one writes without emotion, how does it benefit
the reader...The disconnect of heart and emotion
from writing leaves the reader clueless, and lacking
in understanding, as to what the writer wrote about.

While not true of all writers-the majority of human
beings are Sentimentalists at heart.

7:49pm June17, 2019

Mama,  yesterday would have been
your 89th Birthday-if you were
still here with me. But, since
you live in heaven, and you were
born again...your birthday comes
but once in eternity.

Heaven, where there's a double
rainbow always out for God's angels
to see...That rainbow ,Mama, links
you to me.

Mama, I know you are with me every
day, and we have never been apart,
since the moment angels planted my
seed beneath your heart.

Just knowing those I love are in a
far better place has dried many a
tear, over the years.

And though you only have one Birthday
in heaven-I remember your Birthday here
every year.

Heaven, where there's a double
rainbow always out for God's angels
to see...That rainbow ,Mama, links
you to me.

There was a double rainbow above my
head a few days ago-it lit up the sky
like nothing I'd ever seen.
And I know angels were touching loved
ones here below ,as I watched the two arches fade
from mortal sight....the spiritual
leaving the worldly
to fade back into the night.

For my angel mama.....12:09pm June 16, 2019
[I took pictures June 12,2019, only contrast was added.
My mama's favorite colors are lavender and purples]


Sundial at the Camp Blanding [FL] WWII Museum has 1939 date on it.

Today, I decided, this day
will be another turning point
in my life...
It's time to come to grip with
If I am to reach my dream of
happiness and peace...
I must first weed from my mind
thoughts that hinder me.
I must replace each negative
feeling of self-doubt with
positive thoughts of reaching
my dream of happiness and peace.
No one can feel, think or work
toward my dreams but me.
Some things in life we must
do alone...
We are our own destiny.

8:57am June 14, 2019

For me, the hardest part of being a mother
was accepting that no matter how much
I love my children- letting each go
is a part of watching them grow.

Not being a part of their lives is
another part of motherhood....

Many times, I have had to endue 
letting parts of my heart go...

I know, now, how my mother
must have felt, when it came my time
to go...
When she had to step back so that I
could grow
.      6:28pm June 13, 2019

Happy Birthday, my daughter....It's hard
to believe 39 years ago today, you were born
and placed in my arms.....
The many times I've thought of you
since you've been out in the world, are
God only knows, how much I love you,
and that's more than you can know....
I wish you a happy Birthday---love and
happiness, where ever you are
wherever you go.
I loved you when you slept beneath
my heart-and will always love you....
Keep faith-I love you, forever and a day.
6:14pm June 13, 2019

God is not flesh and bone though flesh and bone carry Him inside. Some say there is no god; some say God lives through man;  some say if there be a god why doesn't He show himself...I know not another's god-I know only the god that dwells with me, and lives through me. My faith in my god is greater than man's disbelief in any god. 10:24am June 12, 2019


I know not what this day
will bring
but it holds those closest
to my heart
and another chance
to be and dream.
8:57am June 12, 2019

I woke this morn to
frogs calling for rain
birds singing in the day
a message from a dear son
knowing  I'm loved.
8:50am June 12, 2019

A "new experience" is not determined by another's knowledge of an experience.While there may be nothing new under the sun...experiences of one does not necessarily mean others have experienced the same events in life. Therefore, until one has experienced, every thing in life, for him or her self----there will remain new things to be learned.

While life and death touch us all, as living breathing human beings- life experiences do not. It is from experience that one becomes knowledgeable on certain things-and the effects their actions  had on reaction. As a whole, there is nothing new under the sun, that at least one hasn't experienced.....As individual-there exist-experience not lived [not experienced].

Wisdom is not a given, because of ones experience [s]; Therefore, wisdom does not reside in books, that are based on another's views on life, that they obtained from living through what others, may or may not, experience in their life time. Each of us are wise or ignorant, according to what life experiences have taught us [or not taught us].

Books are compiled of other peoples' thoughts, and other peoples' actions... I much prefer thinking, and then acting, for myself. Wisdom and knowledge, without understanding, is neither.
12:26pm June 11, 2019

Our thoughts are our own
be they many or few
Thoughts are created within
some times shared with
others; often times kept

Thoughts can sooth ones spirit
or bring one to tears....
Thoughts have the power to change
the inner and outer world...

Without putting thoughts into words
Left voiceless - some thoughts,
manipulate ones outer life  in such
a way that those thoughts destroy hopes
and dreams.....and create a state
of make believe.

Thoughts like spoken words have the
power to make change.

One cannot hear the thoughts of another
-whatever the thought may be...if one
cannot see or hear another's pain,
one cannot know another's inner joy or
inner agony.

So many have let, and continue to let
thoughts destroy their hopes and dreams.
Put voice to the negative as well as
the positive...put voice to your fears
as well as your hopes and dreams.

Not everything in this world is as it
seems....When negative thoughts threaten
your sanity-let go of the negative, and
reach for your dreams.
8:59am June 11, 2019

Today brings with it
thoughts of days gone by
children playing beneath
a clear blue sky, bluebirds,
red birds, robins, crows,
sparrows, stopping by...

A love filled world, not
perfect....but a world
where one could find love
and peace in times of need.

It is from memories, I grasp
the importance of the day
as each breath I take-
the day fades away.

It is in memories of days gone by
I find the courage, and will, not
to give up seeking the good
in the day.
8:08am June 11, 2019

Love is the key to opening locked doors....A special kind of key made from love that     one can only find within, and send out into the world. 1:06pm June 10, 2019

If I look for reasons not to reach my goals- why set a goal

Words belong to no one, though all lay claim.

Decisions in life are many choices the same.

Often times, I'm amazed by the way my life has been lived..... I can't count the times I have followed in the tracks of angels.

I set here, listening to the rooster crow, and it brings back memories of long ago....when roosters
didn't wait so late to wake me with their crows
9:00am June 10, 2019

A lie ,for whatever reason it's told, is still a lie.

Once one tells a lie-sooner or later another lie will have to be told-to back up the first lie.

A little lie can hurt the same as a big lie.

It's not okay to tell little lies-because everyone else does.

A liar is neither a credible or honest person.

The best teacher is Life-The best lessons  are life experiences  that guides one to  choose more wisely  the paths they take in life.

The years have flown by-
as if years have wings...
engulfing and changing
Still, I look to the years
to bring fulfilled dreams.
8:51pm June 9, 2019

Today is your 33rd Birthday
You are my youngest son
And I want you to know
I love you.... and want
nothing but the best for you...
Life is not always easy son
or easy to understand...I
wish for you the gifts of
Knowledge ....
and wisdom...
You have earned any
happiness that comes your way.
Happy Birthday.. son, I love
you forever and a day.
8:41pm June 9, 2019

Be you-regardless- of who another would have to be.

Lord, teach me this day
to choose wisely the paths
I travel, and more carefully
the words that flow from
my heart this day.

For, sometimes, words can
give one an unclear picture
of what another is trying
to say.

Today, cannot bring back a day gone.

Regret, though, you have found your way
into my life... I have learned to accept...
what is over and done, as part of the race,
on earth, we each were placed here to
learn from.

Only those who know nothing of living-
outside an environment they control- can live
without regret; for, for regret to exist, one
must have heart enough to feel another's
joy and woe.

Only those who know nothing of loving-
outside of loving self, can regret a love
lost-that was never meant to be but a
fading memory of when two hearts met
and fell in love.

Regret, if one can truly feel, is a product
of having experienced life's reality- and
released one's heart ...knowing; in the end
regret would hinder your heart from loving
like that again.

9:31am June 5, 2019

Look for the things in the day that
will touch your heart and give you
reasons to hope and dream-
put negative away.

Morning finds me pondering
the actions of others
who would divide, un-amendable,
a world of people...

Surely, such mean spirited
individuals are lacking
in human compassion for
their fellow man...

Without a doubt on shaky
ground they stand.
blindly, those who judge their
fellow man.

What kind of man looks
first to the worldly
when judging another?
Is it not the unseen part
of a man-beyond the sounding
heart beat- that will in
the end-be judged, according
to the works on earth that
were done?

Are we so blinded by the worldly
that we dare forget we, in turn,
shall see how our live were lived
when life and death meet- to
move us forward into eternity?

Be careful, when judging another
There is a thin line between
Heaven and Hell.
10:35am June 4, 2019

As different as we may appear to be
we are threads, woven together,
hearts, minds, and souls
intertwined by life-
into the whole of humanity.
10:11am June 3, 2019

I live my life, day by day
come what may...
There have been times
when morning,
found me begging
God to help me understand
the things that broke my heart,
the things beyond my control
the heartbreaking things
tearing my world apart.

There have been times
When morning
brought with it answered
prayers , and happiness
beyond compare.
When night time found me
on bended knee, ending the day
thanking God for his love, and
my inner peace.
9:45am June 3, 2019

 If I had the ability to change
any thing in my life
I would change nothing ...
For, by changing one thing
I would chance
changing every thing...
And there are so many things
that filled my world with
love, and happiness
That I would never want
to change....
because they are the things
that make everything else
in my life bearable.
2:10pm June 2, 2019

Venture outside
your every day world
To spend time where
the laughter of children
takes away the negative
and replaces it with the
positive- that shows on
inocent faces.
1:54pm June 2, 2019

No one knows the feel of loneliness
but the lonely.

Work harder to get a job done faster...
but not so fast you make mistakes.

Sometimes the finished product is not
what one expected-because to little time
went into the planning.

Don't ever think what you do
in this life goes un-noticed.

Love shouldn't be wasted on things
Things can't you love back.

Even though it's quiet in my world today
I can feel the love being sent my way-
likewise, dislike and dismay.

I have been so far down that love was the
only thing that could save me.

I thank God every day for the life he gave
to me; for sending his angel to walk with me
When no moral eyes could see my pain; for
keeping those I love safe-and for continuing
to sup with me at the end of the day.

I, in the flesh, can feel lonely... but in
the spirit, I am reassured, by unseen angels,
I'm never alone-unless I choose to be.

3:41pm June 1, 2019


I am old according to this world's timetable
of minutes, hours, days and years...
Ancient-over the hill, nothing left to live for,
somes evaluation, of me may be....
But what is old and what does passing years
have to do with anything....age is only the
length of time one has been on this earth-but
how long is eternity....where my spirit lived,
before, through my mother's womb, it entered
into this world.

Beware, not to harm one gray hair on the head
of even one you consider old and useless; for,
for you, this world's time clock ticks you toward
the same fate.

Hear the sound of their voices, as pleas from
tear filled eyes, begs you to release them, to
live out their life in peace.

No longer is man in charge of his destiny ...
When ,even one, is allowed to wantonly mistreat those whom
they consider the lesser of man.

Who are you to cheapen the value of a living man
to nothing more than what be your desire?

Like the wind that blows in unseen places
you thread the waters as if life is meaningless
unless you process the power to govern the
direction of seen and unseen waters.

Wicked be the lot who lives in this world without
soul and heart; just as a child is consumed with fear
by the dark; fear at your timetable's end shall
bring to your remembrance those, you wickedly
devoured-who were filled with innocence and heart...
and you shall beg and plea, innocent, have mercy, to
the charges of crimes again humanity.

You are traveling through a world, where boundaries
have been set.....a testing ground to prove or disprove
ones worthiness-to re-enter the place where time
stands still.
4:26pm May 31, 2019
[I have often written things like this, meant for someone- I
will never meet in this lifetime. It comes to mind
and I write it. jt]

Why let the negative in, to control your life,
too twist, to bend, to disrupt everything in your
heart and mind you know to be true?

Why allow the negative to override commonsense?
Why not turn the positive back on-when life is
getting the best of you?

What happened to the positive side, that keeps
alive hopes and dream-when things
don't go the way one expect them too?

Commonsense gives one the insight to know right
from wrong ,when indecision is in control.

Stay positive, when life is dark and dreary;
hold to the dream of better things, at the end
of the day...
Don't let negative steal your faith away.

Things can only get better when one strives, never
accepting defeat, to turn a dream into a reality...
1:53PM May 31, 2019

Silence  fills my house
but not my home.
For my house is made
of flesh and bone
and the world I awaken to
is not my home...
I'm just passing through.

One who knowingly hurts another
brings havoc into their own

Walk softly on shaky ground.

Not one thing escapes the eyes
of God.

Money can buy pretty things
and give one a good life....
But money can't buy one
peace of mind-put love in ones
heart-or pay someone to stand
in for them on Judgment Day.

Ignorance steps in when one
thinks to overrule the truth.

Take a breath and breathe
in faithfully the air of peace.

Carrying worry inside is not the
answer to your problem- having
faith, and using it, in your time
of need, is the wise man's creed.

Walk the path today that lay at
your feet, changing direction
if there be a need.

There are no straight roads
in life to walk down.
10:22am May 30, 2019

My tears fall, to remind me where my strength is. jt

I tried not to cry today
but my heart was heavy,
and the tears fell anyway.

It's not the angels in
heaven who make me cry..
It's those on earth who
have yet to know the loss
of a mother-like I do.

It's not feeling sorry
for one's self- to remember
better times... It's sometimes
in remembering the happy times
one keeps self-pity at bay.

Today I find strength in remembering
loved ones whose spirits shine in
heaven -and whose flesh lays sleeping
in the grave.
5:58pm May 29, 2019

Lord, this is your day. jt

Today, I look to what is past
for guidance; for it is from living
I have been taught to walk
more wisely in the day.

I look to the future as a part
of my life that may or may not be-
as I continue to cling to bits and
pieces of my life's dreams.

I stand in the day holding high
my shield of faith, knowing, regardless
of yesterdays and tomorrows, in my Lord's
hands, I'm safe this day.
7:56am May 29. 2019


What is left to say

When a life story is told day by day in poetry

When one pours out their heart and very soul

for a world of people to read and see ...?


Yesterdays have no power over your today
unless you give them power.

The road ahead grows shorter
with each breathe.

It doesn't matter where one calls home,
if a happy heart resides there.

Nothing new under the sun
what is now is a repeat of
what has been said and what
has been done.
8:27pm May 27, 2019

A man without a country is not to be trusted.  jt

Happy Memorial Day......

Today is the day for remembering
the brave American soldier
from all times, whose blood, sweat,
and tears were shed for liberty
and the American dream.

Let us, as grateful Americans,
give thanks for the American soldier-
for all times-who fought and was willing
to die-to keep America free.
-Jan Tetstone

Happy Memorial Day......
4:47pm May 27,2019

By Heartsong


One never gets to old for love.
From the hands of love many a good soul has raised up.
This moment belongs to me... I can spend it wisely
or waste it in the blink of an eye.
10:20am May 27, 2019

Lord, this is a hard one to write
There's so much that I need to say
You know I have spent more time
alone than most people do....but
the world lacks so much wisdom,
knowledge, and understanding, and
so many people seen to say what
others want to hear.. whether or
not it's true.

I know I don't pour my heart out,
when I write- not like I use too...
Once the words flowed from my heart
morning, noon and night; I didn't
worry, then, there was so much to

I still am moved to tears, after
reading my own words, and reliving
the thoughts that once filled my mind.
I was lost in my own heartache when
I wrote my heart into every line.

The world is in need of direction...
Lord, we are living in sad times...
The truth is often time twisted until
its mistaken for a lie...by those who
claim to be knowledgeable and wise.

In all the years you've walked with me
you taught me that love is the key that
opens un-open-able doors; that faith must
stay a hundred percent even after the
heart breaks.

Help me to release my inner thoughts that
my eyes may read and see, more clearly, the
dangers in my path- that, as long as I live
faithfully, the liar will lay for me.
8:08pm May 23, 2019

Happy Birthday Son

Forty-two years ago, today
God placed you in my arms
for the first time.
From year to year
I watched you grow into
the man you are today.
You were my first son
Your heart of gold shine
through, and everyone your
life touched, grew to love you.
You my son have set the
finest examples for others
to follow.
I was blessed to have been
the mother who carried you
beneath her heart.
I love you more today, than
yesterday...more than words
can say.
I'm proud of the man you grew
to be...tho I didn't get to
see you on your special day
I thought of you and how much
joy you have brought to my life.
Happy Birthday, may your life
always be blessed, and you
always be surrounded by love-
wisdom and understanding- your
whole life through.
I love you.
9:57pm May 21, 2019

Have you ever looked beyond the setting sun...?

The moon and stars at night, or, wondered what lay beyond your day's sunlight?

Have you ever given thought as you lay down at night to the homeless, the hungry, the broken hearted and the spiritual war going on?

Do you think those in need deserve to live in want?

Have you ever sent up a prayer for those in need?

Have you taken time out of one day to remember someone besides yourself (your wants and needs)?

Life does not evolve around you or me- we are but individual life seeds...we are what we grow to be.

When the whole of humanity forgets to remember the importance of one life to the well-being of all
mankind- it will be too late to remember the things one could have done to help his fellow man.

Why give gifts to the rich when there are poor among us who deserve help in their time of need;
who despite their homelessness and hunger- cling to their faith-because they realize what they need is not gifts of pity....

They seek, as most of us do, to be recognized as being a member of the family of man-kind called 'humanity.'

Wealth is a curse-as is greed.
-Jan Tetstone
7:58pm May 14, 2019

Building Stones of a Lifetime

The air is warm; children's laughter loud,
Still silence can be heard... above the noise.

Capture the moment slipping, like a thief
in the night, into the rim of darkness- after
time diminish its light.

Moments are the building stones of a lifetime.
Treasure the moment...for each is an essence of the whole.

The moment ,so taken for granted, until the
last moment , when the moments give way to the completeness of the soul.

"Wait! Wait!" the cry..."where has the moments gone?"

Unanswered, the cry drifts off into the unknown.
5:30pm May 8, 2019

Hands of Destiny

I have walked through life,
stumbles over deceit and
desire, and fell, for the liar.
I have ran through dark places
where snakes gather to destroy
what life was in me...and felt
the hand of destiny- hold back
the hands of death, reaching out
for me.

I have fell ,in fear, to my knees
and been lifted up, by what was, but
was unseen.

I have been where loneliness filled
me-and accepted that life's thorns
are a part of life that have the
power to strip away dreams.

I have walked the paths of hell, with
Jesus beside me, and, at my journey's end
found peace.

Be not quick to judge one, who has walked
down paths in life- different from your own.
Be thankful, if the lessons you've learned
in life, was not at the price of heartache
and loss.

For there are those, such as I, who have paid dearly, for the faith we hold to.
-Jan Tetstone
6:59pm May 8, 2019

Thoughts About Writing

The color of a man's heart shows in every word
that exits his mouth.

Writing what people want to read
is like saying what people want to hear.

Writing that comes naturally isn't hindered
by how another thinks something should be

The greatest height a writer can reach in life
is to write something worth reading after he's gone.

Those who write with heart need not fear that the
reader won't understand.
-Jan Tetstone
9:56am May 7, 2019

I woke up this morning, and thought about an angel who's in heaven smiling down on me. A beautiful golden haired angel who once lived inside of me:
How much she loved people and life
And what a loss to the world her leaving was.
Her love she never tried to hide that showed in everything she did.
How she gave her life to save another.
Many thoughts about my angel filled my mind:
her sky blue eyes, how they shine, as she walk toward me.
And the void in my life my angel's leaving
left behind.
10:12am May 7, 2019

It's that time of the year, when the feeling of loss blows a strong wind, across the space of time, to remind me, and others, that the path we walk today, one day we'll leave behind...
filled with memories, for those who follow us to find.
10:20am May 7, 2019

Lord, give me the strength to endure the heart breaking days; the insight to see and understand how bitter sweet love can be. Jt

Lord, the words no longer
flow from my heart, as
easily as they once did.

The days grow shorter
and my feelings stay hid.
My love has not diminished
with time...but all I hold dear
drifts further away.

Beyond my reach...

My tears, again, fall and no one
sees them but me.
I hide behind the mask of peace...
That your presence in my life
brings me.

Raise me above the tears ,put
understanding back into my life
Take from me this selfish thing
called 'self-pity.'
6:38pm May 5, 2019

Moments Already Spent

Don't let yesterday's tears
rob you of happiness....
The past is gone, regardless
of how is was spent.

For every thing there is a time,
a season and a reason.
There is a time for love to grow
and a time for love to let go.

Live life moment by moment
One breath at a time is all we get.
Waste not a moment worrying
about moments already spent.
-Jan Tetstone

11:02pm May 5, 2019

Guards at Freedom's Door

There are many stories that have sprang up over the years,
of how Memorial Day come to be...
But regardless of the story one chooses to believe,
Memorial Day is a day for remembering the price of Liberty.

Whether or not the first observation was southern or northern born
has nothing to do with the events of war that made
and keep Americans free.

Memorial Day is for coming together, as a freedom loving people,
to pay tribute to American soldiers from all generations,
who sacrificed to insure the inalienable right of every man, woman ,
and child to inherit the torch of liberty.

Though the torch of liberty may grow dim from time to time...
The flame in every American's heart, ignited long ago...
burns brighter today than ever before, because of those whose blood,
sweat, tears, and prayers-continue to bring out the best in their offspring
who today stand guard at freedoms door.

God Bless America!
-Jan Tetstone
9:35 am May 2, 2019

Lord, there's a tugging at my heart
that won't go away
A feeling that my heart is going to

So many times, I've turned to you
Many a bad time, you've helped me

I know your power to heal, and save,
to turn dark times into a brighter day.

I've witnessed, miracles performed by
you....that many would not believe.

I know, for you to work miracles, faith
is all one needs ...

But sometimes, Lord , the one in need,
is so caught up in the evil preached in
the world... that they forget the power of
faith and think negatively.

I ask you Lord, in Jesus' name, to allow
my faith to stand - and my love for you
to intervene... today, in my child's
time of need, as together we plant this faith
watered miracle seed.
-Jan Tetstone
4:08pm May 1, 2019





Our Baby's Time

The sun was shining brightly
Flowers of every color blooming
Red birds and blue birds, together,
joyfully, singing... and two small
children laughing and playing...

"What's wrong Mama?" a little blonde
headed boy asked his mother, who was setting
in between him and his smaller sister, on the
back porch, with the ground under their feet.

The mother's arms drew both closer to her,
all the while ,she was asking God to help her
find the word to say.

"Sonya's gone...God took her to Heaven.
He takes babies from other families every day."

"Why did it have to be our baby," the little boy
wanted to know; tears streaming down his face...

"It was our baby's time." the mother said, praying
God would not let tears show on her face-and give
her breaking heart away.

Then an unmovable cloud fell over every thing...
Lost the peace and beauty of the day,
beneath tears that could not be wiped away.
-Jan Tetstone
4:07pm April 29, 2019

Happy 48th Birthday Sonya.....
Love you always, forever and a day. Mama

Others, Before Us

Others, before us, walked through life
Not knowing what lay ahead...
Many were homeless, beneath the sky,
a pile of leaves for a bed.

Many were not rich in worldly things...
But by the labor of their hands, and
the sweat of their brow, their families
were clothed and fed.

Many were lowly born, with, only, their
love for God and family, to keep them going.

Many a faithful soul, before us, endured,
in Jesus' name, that their offspring who
followed in their foot prints, might find
some amount of comfort …
In the legacies they left behind.
-Jan Tetstone
10:12pm April 21, 2019

The Old Man

The old man, his body weak and deformed, from a long and hard life,
set on the river bank. Every day, since he was a wee lad, he had came to this spot,to dream about his future or just too think.

Suddenly, the old man heard something falling through the tree
limbs above his head, his old weak-fragile limbs, hindered his escape.

The decayed old oak limb fell next to him. Tears, streamed down his face, from his sky blue, tired old eyes.The old man ,slowly, raised his boney-hand to touch the decaying limb. A tear, making its way to the ground, fell on the old man's trembling hand.

"Lord... thank you.... for the strength, to make it here ..." the old man said, pulling the rope swing, attached to the old oak limb, to his bent over upper-part,and holding it against his clean- shaven chin.

They found the old man the next day, clutching the rotting swing, with the old Oak limb laying next to him.
-Jan Tetstone
12:51pm April 10, 2019

The Little Girl Dressed in Black

A little girl, dressed up in black, from head to toe, watched quietly the scene before her unfold.

Standing in front of the flower draped casket, a gray headed man- with an open Bible in his hand, begins to speak, the little girl, who had been silent, until now, suddenly, raised high her small hand.

'Speak, my child.'

'Where is my daddy? Why isn't he here with me? He never lets me go places... Unless he's with me....'

The man did not answer, just stood there in a daze, as if he'd lost his voice.

The little girl's mother, who was setting next to her, took the little girl by the hand.

'Daddy was called away...' she said, wiping a tear from her eye.

'My daddy's gone!' the, teary- eyed, little girl asked, staring up into her mother’s face.

'Don't cry...'

'But I miss my daddy being by my side...'

Another tear fell from her mother's sad eyes.

'Do you remember, what your daddy said, the last time he held you in his arms, and, jokingly, placed your hand over his heart?'
The mother's words brought a sparkle to the little girl's tear- filled eyes.

'Yes, I remember, Mommy, Daddy placing my hand over his heart. We laughed, and played hide-and-seek.....Sometimes, he hid so well from me.....I cried… because I couldn't find him...'

The mother reached over, took one of the little girl's hands, and placed it over her heart.

'Then what did daddy tell you...precious child?'

Getting up from her seat, the little girl walked over to the casket, placed one hand on the casket, and the other hand over her heart.

'Daddy told me he loved me ... If there was ever a time we had too part....all I have to do is look for him... inside my heart.'

Turning to her mother, a smile on her face, out of the blue....
The little child said, 'Daddy told me, mommy, I can always count on you.'

Again, setting, down next to her mother. The little girl leaned over, and whispered in her mother's ear 'Don't cry mommy, daddy is not gone.'

Then, gently, placing her tiny hand, over her mother's heart...

'He lives right here.'

-Jan Tetstone
12:24pm April 5, 2019 [Written on my Daddy’s Birthday. He was born April 5, 1923]


Fantasy and Make Believe

I needed to see the world beyond me
how others live, believe, and, through
their eyes, see.

I wanted to know why some feed the
world, with pen, fantasy and make believe.

The power of words to create worlds is
nothing new...in ancient times foolish
men would come together, pens in hand,
talk for a while, and pen words, like
those today do.

What is the purpose, of twisting reality?

After reading the words, penned by
mischievous hands, I begin to understand.

When ones world is incomplete, void of
human compassion- filled with emptiness,
creating a make believe world can give
one reason to live a loveless life, or
fill an empty world with imaginary bliss.

O foolish man, reality is for living, and
nighttime sleep for dreaming...
Fantasy and make believe for those who have
forgotten how to live.
-Jan Tetstone
11:41am April 1, 2019


Never allow worldly things to guide your actions
before taking the matter to heart. -Jan Tetstone
[March 30, 2019]

A man who talks filth in front of a world of children, while covering the ears of his own child-isn't much of a man or father.
-Jan Tetstone
[written march 27, 2019]

The Old Soldier

The shadow fell upon the ground where the old soldier lay
Buried beneath faded flowers of every color and hue,
slowly, disappearing, from neglect and decay.

Engraved in the stone that marked the place the old soldier lay
Are these words:

"Think not that I sleep in this grave
Unaware of any who visit this place
I wait with the sleeping army of God
to fight another day."

The old soldier didn't die in battle, he survived every war he was ever in-and often took his medals out- to wonder at the story behind each one.

One night the old soldier kissed  the love of his life good night.

"I'll see ya in the morn." He said turning out the light.

When the wife awoke to find the old soldier lying next to her with his uniform on, and a smile on his face, she leaned over and kissed him one last time, remembering what the old soldier told her after each return home from war:

"I hope when the death angel comes to take me home that he'll give me a moment's notice, before he knocks, so I can put my uniform on."

-Jan Tetstone
12:56pm March 26, 2019


Linger not in yesterdays...
Let not what is no more
steal your happiness away.
Waste not one moment
waiting for the past to
return what was lost to you...
For nothing in this world
stays the same...
Life is a journey
Life's roads change.
-Jan Tetstone
12:27am March 23, 2019

 I Am

I am the servant of no man
I am the clay God holds
in His hands.
Tho man can put me in bondage
and control where and when
I walk
I sit
I run
I lay
I rise
I speak
I work
I play
I stand
The slave holder can not break the mold
in my maker's hand.
That contains the whole of who I am.
-Jan Tetstone
written 10:08 am March 15, 2019

Flowers of Knowledge

Wake from your sleep O flowers of knowledge planted so long ago
Let the sweetness of your words flow. Hidden too long the wind of
understanding that rides the water but never touches it. Blow wind
sweep away the ignorance that traps love inside hearts. Rise up water
for the flowers awaits to clinch your thirst. Terry no longer, apart…
for your winds must be set free to cleanse souls.

For, too long hearts
have mourned your passing and cried out for a sip of your water.
Wake from your sleep O flowers of knowledge planted so long ago.
Let the sweetness of your words flow, a reminder of the un-seeable traps
laid to trap innocent souls.
-Jan Tetstone
10:55am March 10, 2019




There are many invisible lines
drawn in one’s life
That either divide hearts
or keep lives apart.

Not everything in life
is meant for all to live.....
Some shall never touch
the ground that others walk on

Some shall never satisfy their
thirst to drink from life's
waters until the waters gone.

There are many invisible lines
one knows in their heart
are there....but still
more lines are to be drawn...
to hold one back from
where their heart
longs to be...

Still, life draws one on.
-Jan Tetstone
2:28pm February 27, 2019

After Seventy Years of Living

Seventy years is a long time
to journey through life...
seven decades of witnessing
life all around me unfolding
being a part of everything
and being a part of nothing.

What has seventy years of
travelling through this world
taught me?

Living, experiencing life, tasting
my own tears, beholding the
power of God, during my own trials
and tribulations... loving, and
enduring the loss of loved ones
to death and to life . . .

Living has taught me to be
thankful that God never once
took his eyes off of me.
-Jan Tetstone
February 22, 2019 12:41am

Silent Sounds

There are silent sounds
that have the power
to change ones world
to ripple through the
heart like a calm wave
at peace with the water
that moves gently, creating
with its unheard sounds
a pool of peace for the
heart to beat to-sounds,
life's melody.

There are silent sounds
that process the power
to turn ones world into
a field of brown, engulfing
a river of tears.

The silent sounds one hears
from beneath a mother's
heart...moves the water
one dreams in-before being
washed out into the world.....

The sounds of living are many
the silent sounds one’s life
moves to are few.

Listen, with your inner ears,
to the sounds of your heart's
voice that can only be heard
by God, and you.
-Jan Tetstone
6:29pm February 18, 2019

Only Thoughts

No words today...
Only thoughts
that move my heart.

Thoughts of loss
thoughts of pain
thoughts of love
thoughts of what was
thoughts of surviving
thoughts of God
thoughts of Heaven's gain
and thoughts of how life
could have been
for an angel I call mine...

Thoughts...only thoughts
I've thought a million times.
-Jan Tetstone
2:44pm February 14, 2019


In silence I
wander, aimlessly,
forward ,my heart
grasping yesterdays

Bitter sweet the
memories ...

To my heart I hold
them near - brushing
from each a fallen

Lord, please, keep me
focused on the light
before me, and take from
my memory-
the remembrance of those
things that steal away
my inner peace.
-Jan Tetstone
7:27pm February 13, 2019

Lonely Heart

O love inside my heart
Desiring nothing more
than peace and a place
where love can nourish
on love and grow to the
height of the heavens,
and the depths of time.

Where two hearts can grow
as one, feel as one, desire
as one, live as one and
when eternal night falls,
sleep in death as one.

O love have thy no mercy
must I spend eternity
seeking what was not meant
to be?

Find comfort O love that
lives inside my heart...
for you have fed many a lonely
soul in their times of need.

-Jan Tetstone
6:30pm February 10, 2019

Inescapable Heartbreak

Lord, don't let me waver
in my faith...
When times are dark
and my heart wants to
break, raise my spirit
above the doubt in the

Faith is the cure for
all things that bring
hurt and pain.

Let me not doubt your
power...Let not my
faith in my time of need

Heal the sick
comfort the broken hearted
Guide the lost out of the
Strengthen faith that
the faithful might endue
inescapable heartbreak.

-Jan Tetstone

9:23pm February 8, 2019



Life's Lessons

Learning one new thing
Everyday- increases
ones knowledge, in so many

What one learns from living
life, may some day, keep
him from making the same

When one learns about life
from experience, the
lessons last longer and
makes one stronger, than
learning about life, from
the experiences of others.

Learn from life-for experience
builds character and makes
us who we are today.
Survive the bad times-
Clinging to your faith.
-Jan Tetstone

11:59am January 29, 2019


Some things one remembers
Breaks their heart in two
Other things one remembers
Gives one the strength to
journey on, tears, like a
Sparkling stream, loosening
Memories, that one sparkle
At a time...comforts the heart
And eases the mind.

If not for memories kept
Of the times we laughed; of times
We wept...

There would be nothing but the
Moment we are in...to live
Over and over again.

Worst of all - love would be lost
Too the darkness.

One remembers things for a reason
To relive the things that broke
Their heart; or to remember the love
That put their heart back together
When it fell apart.
-Jan Tetstone

7:11 pm January 26, 2019
By Heartsong


The Positive Side of You

Don't let other peoples'
negative side
.......get you down
Use your positive side
too turn things around.

There are those who thrive
on feeling superior to others
Those who would destroy
another's dreams, to make
their own dream come true.

When there are decisions
to be made- that only you
can make... think logically,
and strive to make your
dream come true..... reach
down deep and tap into
the positive side inside of you.
-Jan Tetstone

11:00 am January 25, 2019

God First

Tho my heart was broken
I thought beyond repair
In my heart I always knew
That God was always there.

That the shivers of pain
cutting into my heart
Angels would repair...
with love and tender care.

That as long as my faith
is stronger than heartache
and strive.....I may stumble
and fall but I won't stay down
as long as I put God first
in my life.
-Jan Tetstone
1:33pm January 18, 2019

Quite Time

The quite time awakens
thoughts long thought
forgotten. . .
Awaking memories buried
beneath layers of yesterdays,
peeling away moments of
laughter and tears...revealing
the joys and woes that being
alive brings into one’s life.

O quite time, pour out
the memories of yesteryears
created by day to day living
Least I forget mistakes made
and am tempted to make the same
mistakes again.

Sleep not O memory! Awaken!
Mingle with the quite time
Renew with memories of old
thoughts to strengthen my heart
mind, and soul.
-Jan Tetstone
2:31pm January 5, 2019

It's New Year's day 2019.

My thoughts are many but my words are few.

If I could find the words to express emotions locked away....

bound would be hearts

 beyond the heart in me. jt

4:53pm January 1, 2019



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