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"Pray for Peace"


Today is almost gone and tomorrow
is drawing near...
The labor of the day remains in
the day...The sweat on my brow
has dried in the sun now
faded away.

Now, it's time to rest the aches
and pains of my labor...
and think on what I will plant
in the turned soil...
As tired as I am ..
I have the satisfaction of knowing
I have created a place where
after the seeds have been sow
food soon will be growing.
8:25pm March 27, 2020

I give thanks for this day
and all the blessings sent my way

Today, like every day before,
I ask my god to guide me
to wherever He would have me be
to show me what He would have me do
to give me the wisdom, knowledge,
understanding and strength to stand and walk
the path of truth...
to send me an angel to watch over me
as I strive to be worthy of the love
He has always shown to me...
to open my heart, mind and eyes to
the things in this world that He would
have me see, as faithfully, I carry my
 Shield of Faith, ready to meet my destiny.
3:14pm March 23,2020

Don't let fear rob you of your commonsense

There is a truth for every lie, and a liar behind every lie. jt


Today the sky is cloudy-gray
waiting for the sun to shine
The world gone astray
collides with reckoning time.

For everything under the sun
there is a darker side
even silver and gold have a
darker side.

What lay hidden can no longer
hide, from the all seeing eye.
Not one speck of darkness
can escape truth's light.

For all now come face to
face with their inner demons
let loose out into the

Fear not the demons that belong to another
for your own demons have the power
to destroy your soul.

When the innocent cry for mercy
God's ears notes each cry, and His eyes
witness every tear that falls.

Wipe away the tears from another's
eyes, to keep thy own eyes dry.

Many soulless creatures wear the face
of innocence to betray moral eyes
but there is no light in a soulless
creatures eyes.
8:41am March 18, 2020


When silent lay the moment
Listen to the beating of
your heart...
For only when the heart
is stilled by death
will hope for tomorrow
be put to rest.
Listen to the wind
and be faithful
to the belief that
love is the healer
of hearts
Faith is the key
to miracles
Jesus is the doorway
to God
and home is where rests

Waste not one moment
of life morning for things
that were never meant to be.

Let the light in your eyes
shine and the love in your
heart show.

None can take from you your
soul unless you betray it
for worldly things-and the
love in your heart grows cold.

God watches,  and for a short time
you [and I] decide the destiny
of our souls.

Think not to out smart the god
that created you...for the eyes
that watches over us belongs to
the life giver-betray not your
soul. Let love lead you always
as you follower the path before
you; fear nothings of the world
For nothing in this world can
rob the faithful of the treasures
that awaits them after this world
fades away.

Live patiently, and faithfully
believing with your whole heart
that He who is in you is stronger
than he who is in the world.

May peace and comfort fill your
life, knowing, as you make the
journey home- with each
step you take-you are not walking
11:26 March 14, 2020 jt




I have never ate from a silver plate
Cannot imagine what it would be like
to dress in a beautiful gown and dance
on a ballroom floor...
But I have ate from paper plates with
plastic forks and spoons with the best of souls
and danced heart to heart, from time to time
- with love's arms around me.
11:57am March 9, 2020

Reach out to what is in the moment
morn not for what is not there
grasp the love that is in the moment
for one moment can change everything
there is but a moment between life
and death-be thankful for each moment
that breathe life back into you...
12:05pm March 9, 2020

I set here in my moment
giving thanks for all the moments
God has helped me through.
Knowing in my heart -without a doubt-
Jesus is in my moments too.
12:12pm March 9, 2020



Life is like wind
A gentle breeze
carrying peace and
A stormy wind of
destruction that
reminds us of our
darker side ,like
our brighter side,
unseen by the
human eyes, yet,
moving and alive.
8:34am March 3, 2020

Lord, help me through
another day
Let my hands do your
work, according to
your plan.
Let my feet follow in
the path you laid for
Let not my mind linger
in the past...
Let my spirit rise
above the worldly
Let not my memories
blind my eyes to the
needs of another
Let my heart not loose
its ability to care
And, Let me remember,
Lord, when darkness
fills my day-You will
never put on me more
than I can bear.
8:45am March 3, 2020

Never compare your life with
another's broken life,
broken health or broken heart.
Grasp the moments given to you
Be thankful for all things

and who you grew to be.

Let your heart sing its own song
Blame not another for what was
or for the sun that did not shine
Mistakes comes from choices made
Put to rest things gone
that have the power to deprive
you of your happiness in the day.

Love ,given, remains, sometime
hidden beneath ones inner pain.

Be happy, not for others, but for
Then those who truly love you
will be happy too.
1:36pm February 29, 2020


There's clouds in the sky today
that have turned the whole of
the sky to gray.
There's a stillness in the air
that allows me to see more clearly
the things setting there.
There's but the moment I am in
that allows the whole of me to begin
10:04am February 26, 2020

I morn not for the dead but for the
living-who cling to the memories of
the dead, as a child clings to life,
and all in it for guidance.
The dead need not your tears for
their time in this life has been spent.

Love does not end at the graves where
loved ones lay; Love remains behind to
bring comfort to those who forget, the
soul rests not in the grave.

From dust, to dust, all who enter in,
must go.

It's never easy letting go of a loved
one-to late ,many think of the things
they'd change, if only they had the chance

Little do they realize, God's will will be
done, after our life on earth begins, and
when our life on earth comes to its end.

Remember, when tears threaten to tear the
heart out of you, that this world is a
testing field the living journey through.

10:25am February 26, 2020


The rain drops hitting the roof above my head
muffle the thoughts in my head- and, at least for now,
call my attention back to reality.

If only, the rain could wash away the lingering
memories, that come out of hiding, every
now and then, and leave the most negative of them
washed clean.

Thank you, Lord, for the rain, and the time to gaze
out my window-while your love washes over me.

I have a need, to breath in the peace of you
for, you are the very air I breathe.
3:34pm February 25, 2020

Some people thrive on fake and phoniness
while others struggle to understand what
is real and what is not.

Life is more than the world I and you
live in ;its more than a desire to obtain
things that create the look of having
more than an equal share of all that this
world has to offer.

Life does not always appear fair, between the
haves and the have nots ... the ones who have
silver and gold and the ones who process hearts
of gold.

Far richer is he who suffers in the flesh in
God's name than is he who never sheds a tear...

Let not the appearance of any deceive you, even
the flesh of ones flesh, was born to test ones
soul...to help the spirit grow.
12:05pm February 25, 2020


Lord, it's not easy, starting over
When everything seems distorted
and nothing is as it once appeared
to be.

I know that nothing that has happened
or will happen to me, is without purpose
Guide me Lord to do your will...I accept
the price for believing in you...whatever
it be.

Watch over your faithful followers
answer each prayer according to God's will.
For, many have yet to be tested, and know
not, what waits to devour their faith and
draw the life's blood from their heart.
5:39am February 25, 2020


I kept my word, and silent lay
in the grave, the whole of the

Tho it pains my heart to give
up what once was dearest to my
heart...I no longer feel the
need to pretend to be who I am

I no longer live my life for
the innocent who now must live
their own life, and follow the
paths of parenthood for themselves.

So much, I could say, that is
better left unsaid.
Live for the living
Let the dead bury the dead.

I would not change one bitter
word said in anger; or erase one
line of hate sent my way..
For, I no longer can feel the pain.

Life makes no promise the sun
will always shine in a day;
that every word spoken will be kind;
That the ending of life will be better
than the beginning of ones life.

You are each grown now-smile.....
You make the choices......You pay
the prices.

Love never turns to hate-love linger
waiting to be recognized.

Tho it may never be in this lifetime.

3:37pm February 23, 2020


Pain that stems from a broken heart
is hard enough to bear-without
the hate, created by the pain, one
inflicts on one's self...
12:21am February 21, 2020

Me on my 71st Birthday. With Billy (my son), and three of my daughters: Renee, Sharea, and my youngest daughter Katie. I'm holding my Grandson Mason Storm (Billy's son who underwent open heart surgery on Jan 21, 2020)  God is good all the time.


It's a new day
the birds are singing,
happily, loud enough
for me to hear.
Yesterday, in the past
lay, with the darkness
of its time...

The things
that once broke my heart
are left behind.

Lord, You have always held
my hand; You have never let
me fall below who I am.

Thank you Lord for staying near
enough to my heart, that all
I have to do is turn to you,
in faithful prayer, to always see
you standing there to help me
through the things that's hard for
my heart to bear.
9:07 am February 20, 2020

As I journey on in life
let me not with sadness in my
heart look back on yesterday's
tear; for what is passed has
no substance in my today, but
what I give to it.

Life has many faces, many dreams
many failures, but life does not
end with these things.

Lord, let me see beneath the
shadow of doubt...to bigger and
better things.

9:16am February 20, 2020


Camo Wings

Your life you lived
to the fullest
doing the things
you loved to do...

It was hard on your
children, when
your life in this world
was through.

You and I grew a part
tied together by the
children we both claim, in
our lives and in our hearts.

How could they possibly
understand, the pak we
made so long ago...
to stay together out of love
for each of them, and be their
for them- to watch them grow.

You and I knew, when the last
child left home, it was my time
to go.

I kept my promise, that's all
they need to know: we were both
there to watch them grow.

On Valentine's Day, God called
you away
Your children's tears could not
keep you here, Because
it was your time and you could
not stay.

Heaven needed another angel, and
God knew only the best would do
That's why He ordered a pair of
camo colored angel wings- designed
just for you.


11:35am February 17, 2020


Each day is a blessing
Tho some may think
it a curse-
Never taking the time
to consider-
Things, as bad as they
maybe, could be a lot

Loved ones die every day
If you have been spared
the pain and loss
of having a loved one
Taken away...
Be thankful, but remember
At any moment-any day, in the
twinkling of an eye, any
of your loved ones
could be taken away.

Cling not so tightly
to a loved one
That you curse God
for calling in His loan.

Remember, we enter this
world alone, and leave
it the same way, when
it comes our time to be
called home..

11:28am February 16, 2020


When things in life become a burden,
Turn to God and breathe peace in.
Not all who do you harm mean to,
Like you, they too are on a journey
in this world, we are all just passing

While people part at the crossing
of the roads...what love was shared
there lingers, long after people fade
from our life.

Bitterness has but one excuse for
being; often times love's sting leaves
a heart wanting more of the sweet.

There are those in life drawn through
life, their whole life through, who pay
a price for the happiness of others.
Who faithfully accept, that true happiness
waits in the past of all things.

I'm thankful, for the life I have lived
for each moment, I grasp, with each breath
I breathe in.

Thank you God for the tears that was used
to mold me into who I am this day.

12:11 pm February 15, 2020


The roads in life are many
The stops in life may be many
or few...
We travel the roads unaware
of the things we may
be called on to endure and do
It's not always clear where a
road ends-where we stop
could very well be,a delay,
where another road begins.

Often times one travels
blindly the paths in life,
and stumbles passed the places
where unconditional love waits.

Be careful, when traveling
Life's roads- Every step
one takes in life, lightens or
adds weigh to the burdens one
already bears.

If by chance you stumble over
another's heart, linger not
For hearts that break when
paths cross will mend...but
hearts that cling together
Out of duty,suffer long.
And are left emtpy
when the last road ends.
7:31pm February 14, 2020

I wonder, many times, why
my destiny pulls me away
from the worldly, to inner
places my heart once lived
Places that no longer exist,
yet, once did.

Lord, give me insight into
what was that I might brave
what is to be.

Keep your hands above those
who carry my heart with them
and guard their souls, as they
wade through life's seas.

The world has chained many to
the worldly, where my heart
no longer lives.

Today, is all there is Lord,
one breath the whole of me.
Let me not waste another moment's
thought on what was or what
will be..

Let me face head on, my destiny.

If I weaken on my journey
give me the strength I need
For, none but you know me
from the depth of my heart
None but you, understand the
things hidden from the worldly
None but you can calm the
raging sea-and fill my world
with peace and fill my every

Thank you for always being
there for me.

The world has blocked the
ears of many, from the songs
of life that many sing.

But the faithful hear, and
understand, there is but one
god over everything.

Be quiet, O soul of mine, let
each put voice to his own song
for each have a song to sing.
12:22pm February 12, 2020

A rooster crows
An airplane in
the open sky.

The roar of the
plane fades away
Replaced by
a gentle breeze.

Lord, this day
I owe to you
For none but you
can create such
a soothing peace.

When you seek answers
Turn inward...
Ones faith does not
come from the worldly
Neither does the answers
to life's woes one seeks.

Ask God for guidence
concerning things
that trouble your heart
and mind...
seek knowledge and
In your troubling times.

In times that tempt your
soul to stray-let your faith
show you the way, in your
time of need, put your faith
in God, and let love lead.

The fathful are flicker of light
burning brightly from the same
Flame of life.
12:21pm Feberary 11, 2020

Another can hear a story told
and not comprehend the amount
of heartache and tears that
went into its writing.

Be not so quick to judge another
for life has many pages yet to turn
and more chapters to be written.

I choose not to be a part of those
things I know wait to break my heart.

I don't need more in this life
than I need...sunshine, birds singing,
flowers and, now that I am older, the
sweetest memories.

Only when one reaches the winter time
of their life, will they understand, why
life, like the year, has its seasons.

As much as I am hated, and misundertood,
by some I poured my life and heart into,
I would not dare change anything, that
brought me to this day...and chance being
someone I am not...for others' sake.

Life is short enough..don't waste it
thinking about things in the past you
would change ,if you had it to live
over again.

Love can stand alone-and it often does.
2:14pm February 11, 2020


The warmth of the sun beams coming through the glass
engulfs the tiny bundle...as what's inside
struggles to make itself known in its new world.

The trials and tribulations of life can wait
innocence prevails this day.

8:23am February 9, 2020

Unseen presence
the feel of
something strong
enough to move
my heart,
surrounds me.
A baby sleeps
a few feet away
People passing
the glass windows
voices soothing
the woes of small
What unseen presence
brings you here today?

Hoover not so closely
to the places where
innocence lay... take
mercy on the babies
whose lives you
touch this today.
1:37pm February 8, 2020

Each day we inner into
is the testing field
for our faith.

Hold to your faith
with your heart and soul.

The hardest tests are the
ones that test our faith
and our love for our god.
12:28 pm February 8, 2020

My heart is so happy
as I put my thoughts
to words...

Gentle the wind that
touches my world
with endless love and
 wondrous peace.

Answered prayers
touching my heart
like a gentle breeze
Reminding me that
God is a god of love
and endless mercy
for all who believe.

Thank you, God, for
answered prayers and
the sense of peace
 I feel in the passing
of the gentle breeze.
10:43am February 6, 2020

One day at a time, knowing not
what the day holds for me
I carry my shield of Faith
unafraid of what I know not,
and cannot see.

For, God knows my heart
and my every need
When I am lost in life, God
sends His angels to find,
and guide me.

when I feel I can't take another
step God lifts my spirit up
and strengthens me.

When hard times break my heart
God gives me the understanding
my heart needs to mend.

When I cry, feel deserted, and
all alone...I know down deep
inside, that my tears will dry
if I lift my Shield of Faith high
and journey on.
9:23pm February 5, 2020

I was born, to live and die
like all born are born to do.
I was raised to believe good
out weighs the bad, regardless
of what one goes through.

With loving hands to guide me
in my growing years, it still
took a lot of falling down,
heartache and tears, to teach
me "to myself I must be true."

There will always be memories
of tear filled years...but
there will always be memories
without tears, too.
11:26pm February 4, 2020

Precious Child

I have loved you
longer than you
have lived in this

Before your first breath
Before your first tear
Before you became a part of
the worldly -you were
a part of me.

I have loved you, holding
you in my arms...just as I
loved you when you woke
and slept beneath my heart.

Now, that we have grown apart
I want you to know, sometimes
in life distance and time
Teaches us that just as we
entered this world alone
and we will leave this world alone,
there will come times in our
life , that we will travel
through life alone.

Remember, precious child, I loved
you before you were born- when
together- we lived as one

- Jan Tetstone
9:33pm February 3, 2020

It is the beginning of a new day
as cold as it is, under the light
from Heaven, it's filled with
peace, and much hope, for the
warmth the day will send my way.

9:26am February 2, 2020

Yesterday, a piece of my heart
flew away, void of its rightful
place, my heart smiled at
the thought of what awaits at
the end of my heart's journey.

You can use my love to hurt me,
just as, no doubt, my love has
hurt you, else you would not
hate me so.

God, take my hand this day
Put understanding in my heart
for the road I journey down
is filled with unknown dark.

From my yesterday's
I enter my tomorrow
after passing through
the day.
Guide me ,Lord, the
rest of the way.
9:39am February 2, 2020

I alone control my destiny
be not quick to judge me...
My tears have bear witness
to my trials and tribulations
No less human than you
am I...
I have gained from life
and given back to heaven
my share of loved ones
and friends...
I have nurtured the future
and left yesterdays behind
I live one day at a time
Giving thanks for all
things....I love and
call 'mine."
11:52pm February 1, 2020

With the years comes
of the things that
once seemed strange...
How could family desert
one of its own?
How is it excusable
for turning one out
into a world-and putting
them at the mercy
of a world gone a stray?
Today, I understand...
When life calls one
it is not always a journey
down the same path we
travel on...for, none travel
the same roads back home.
Love doesn't die it  just moves on
Leaving memories of times
gone....for the lone
traveller...to find comfort,
in what once was, regardless
of what awaits tomorrow...
If love were so easierly
destroyed,at the parting of
the roads ...where would love
go but back into one's heart
to nurture their memory?
10:01 pm February 1, 2020

A cow moooos not far from my window
A bird tweets as if the song has
been forgotten.
A tweet here a tweet there but no
happy tune can I hear....
It must be the gloom of the day
A rooster crows
A car passes on the old dirt road.

3:01pm January 31, 2020

There is no worse feeling
than blaming ones self
for the short comings and
failures of another.

That's where my mind is today
Lord, I have tried to mend
the un-mend able,,,,
I choose this day to journey on
and leave the un-mend able pieces
where they lay.

Give to me Lord the strength
to endure what has been broken
To take up my cross and move
forward beyond what was to where
you, Lord, would have me be.
2:12pm January 31, 2020

I need not fear what my god
lays before me...for each step
brings me closer to my destiny.
3:15pm January 31, 2020

Today, I thought
about family...
I thought about
and realized
strangers met in
passing are
potential friends
Family members
who grow apart
potential enemies.
After pondering
these thoughts
with a sad heart
I accepted that
my place in
other peoples'
that never was
never would be
if in exchange
I , again, must
become a stranger
to me.
8:42pm January 30, 2020

My Thoughts Today

I am me
I am not you
I have walked
fires that you
may never walk

Oh, little child
where have you gone
you are no longer
your purity has gone
replaced by a shadow;
you wander through
life bitter, for you
cannot replace what
once was so full of
innocence...  with the
nothingness, meaningless
emotions you keep trying
to hide, from the
eyes that can see.

Lord, let me not be fooled
by the cunningness that resides

None know what is hidden
in the brightness of day
waiting its time.

Judge me according to what
your heart tells you.

I choose to live alone
to be closer to my god.

Hate cannot hide from the
eyes of the hated.

Love cannot be killed
but love can be pushed away.

12:30pm January 30, 2020

-Jan Tetstone

Lord, I know I've strayed
from the path you laid for me
time and time again.....
And after I've cried over the
mistakes I made
You have given me chances
time and time again.
I have learned much
while in your care....
it's so much harder to find
inner peace
without you being there.
7:40pm January 15, 2020

Freedom Wasn't Free

The United States of America
What does that mean to you
Is it a capitalist country?
or a place where the dreams
of a poor man can come true.

The Revolutionary War
What was it fought for
For freedom of religion, or
so the haves could have more?

What does the Declaration of
Independence say, do you even
know, the mindset of America's
Forefathers who lived so long

Do you know, or even care, about
the price of freedom that the
first true Americans had to pay
for the liberty you enjoy today?

The Revolutionary war was fought
for freedom of people who
had created their own country,
free from the interference
of Kings and Queens...

The Declaration of Independence
Out ranks the US Constitution
because it recognizes all peoples
inalienable right to religious freedom,
life and liberty.

The Declaration of Independence
Did not conceive, in the blood,
sweat and tears of freedom loving
Americans, a country devoted to
the idea that Americans have a
duty to be "world policemen"

The First American cut free from

the bonds of living under the reign
of Kings and Queens.

I am proud to be an American
raised on what it means to live
on the soil, that so many Americans
died to keep free. -Jan Tetstone

12:34pm January 3, 2020