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"If I must die , let it be for the cause of good. Where is the honor in living and dying for nothing? "   - jt


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 "This site is dedicate to every American family [and families world wide] who's homes were/ are being illegally foreclosed on. Families  too poor to fight a corrupt legal system. I can, still, prove my home of over 35 years was stolen by CitiFinancial, and others."            - Jan Tetstone  A/K/A  Janice Sanford


The property mentioned in the documents is the property Deputy Johnson was suppose to have went to, 1160 Se 94th Street... My home was 1187 SE 94th Street.  No matter how Citigroup, owners of CitiFinancial, twist and turn the truth, the fact remains, I was illegally removed from my home , by force, and put in the county jail (in a holding cell) until everything I owned, except my kitchen appliances which was locked inside the trailer, after all my stuff was put in bags and left on the ground.. The trailer  has a title, showing it belongs to my daughter (my brother in another county sold it to her. The deputy was showed legal documents. He said "I got to do what the judge tells me."  The judge (who at one point , according to the deputy, was on the phone with the deputy) is another story.   Please, note, the misspelling of my last name. I made more than one attempt to get the the spelling of my last name  corrected.   



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Deutsche Mortgage and Donald Trump