Dead Bankers
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"When ghosts come calling, the guilty shall no longer find, words to hide their crimes behind. The
innocent ghost, walking in search of peace- vengeance will find. Look beyond the
pages, to the bigger crimes
." -Jan Tetstone,  Oct. 1, 2019

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In Memory of Tanji Dewberry, and  her son Evan

I suggest anyone reading the list of dead bankers on this site, or any other site, do more research, yourself, before passing on information.   jt



W.H. Sylvester,May 10, 1906, president of First National Bank in Montezuma, Indiana, was shot by his brother.

 Edwin W. Clark, 64 years old, a broker and member of the Cotton Exchange shot himself in the head at his apartment at Hotel Marseilles, New York, and died instantly. Mr. Clark had suffered several attacks of acute indigestion.

Corwin H. Spencer, a millionaire and speculator, after losing several hundred thousand dollars in recent slump in Wall street, collapsed while feverishly watching the stock ticker in a broker's office in St, Louis. Three hours later he was dead.


J.P. Biggs, September 20, 1927, Arrow Rock, Missouri, committed suicide and left a note saying he was only one that knew his bank had been failing for five years.


James M. Morgan  March 6, 1928, was killed when his car plunged over a cliff in Pinesville, Kentucky

Philip J. Schaefer  March 21, 1928, vice-president of the First National Bank of Marshfield (Wisconsin) was found dead of carbon monoxide asphyxiation. He was also president of the Schaefer-Thompson Construction Company

J.W. Bradshaw, March 28, 1928, former cashier of The Citizens National Bank and The First National Bank of Zanesville and The First National and Fourth National Banks of Columbus, Ohio, was killed when he stepped in front of a street car.

Stanislaws Silberman , August 29, 1928, Viennese bank director was killed when he jumped or fell from the fourth floor of the Hotel Imperial on Ringstrasse.




President Franklin D. Roosevelt Speech on Banking

and who is responsible for  the intertwining of banks and insurance....US CONGRESS DO YOUR JOB!!!!


Grenville Baker           brother of  George F. Baker Jr


Govan George Ware     First National Bank (SunTrust)  


George F. Baker Jr

Jurgen Ponto    chairman of  Dresdner Bank 



Roberto Calvi            Banco Ambrosiano               


Jack Fleishmann


Yaacov Levinson            Bank Hapoalim (one of Israel's banks) ***


Robert Maxwell               He retired in 1990 as chairman of Bank One Indiana and as president of its Ohio-based parent company, Banc One.  Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Citibank, three of Maxwell's biggest financial supports


Frank E. McKinney Jr         September 11, 1992, American Fletcher National Bank and Trust Company   the successor   institution,  JPMORGAN CHASE National Association (FDIC #: 628)


Wardell R. Lazard                 Lazard



Headley Brown



Takayuki Kamoshida             Bank of Japan



alistair wilson             Bank of Scotland  ****

James Stillman Rockefeller

Joe B. Ford     Capital Bank of Little Rock ***

Yury Lyakh    chairman of Ukrainian Credit Bank  ***



George F. Baker III  

Arthur Zankel               Citigroup


Edouard Stern                    Swiss National Bank  Lazard   Goldman Sachs  Citigroup Final Prospectus Supplement ,       Lazard

Merrill Lynch & Co.   Morgan Stanley  Credit Suisse    First Boston        JPMORGAN FINAL PROSPECTUS  

Michael L. Tarnopol                Bear Stearns       

 Eugene Desmond O'Kelly        KPMG


Andrei Kozlov            Russia's Central Bank

Neil Coulbeck       NatWest banker  ***


Paul E. Gillmor             10-Term Ohio  US Congressman

Denis O’Connor            KPMG

Michael Biondi                          Lazard  THE LAZARD FUNDS, INC.

Alexander Funin           VTB Russian bank

Oleg Zhukovsky            VTB Russian bank


Kirk Wright *                 Hedge Fund Manager

Christen Schnor             HSBC

  Kirk Stephenson


James McDonald      president and chief executive of investment management firm Rockefeller & Co

David Kellermann      Freddie Mac

Danny Pang                PEMGroup

Huibert Boumeester   ABN Amro

Anjool Malde             Deutsche Bank

William Parente         New York tax attorney


Jessica Fashano          Citibank/Citigroup

Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahyan**

 David Widlak  **       Mt. Clemens Community Central Bank

Calogero Gambino      Deutsche Bank


2011 Snakes In Banking Timeline

Irzen Octa                   Citibank

Pat Cullinan               KPMG

 Maurice J. Spagnoletti           Doral Bank

 Brad Griffiths ***

Paul E. Gillmor US Congress


Aubrey Lee Price   Montgomery Bank & Trust 

Shane Todd

Daniel Pirron                                 Deloitte

Charles Hopper                         Lehman Brothers and  Citigroup


David Rossi                    Monte dei Paschi di Siena

Carsten Schloter               swisscom

 Sascha Schornstein           Royal Bank of Scotland 

Pierre Wauthier

David Taundi                    Bank of America  

Anne Doss                        Wells Fargo

 Ezdehar Husainat               JPMORGAN

Prince Johan Friso

Michael Burdin                 Bank of America

 Michael Anthony Turner manager of Preston’s Santander,  a former manager of Wigan’s branch of Royal Bank of Scotland

Venera Minakhmetova    Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Susan Hewitt       Deutsche  Bank  former executive


William Broeksmit   **             Deutsche Bank

Calogero Gambino     Deutsche  Bank lawyer

 Lydia (no surname given)       Bred-Banque Populaire


Harvey Cohen   **               AURA SYSTEMS INC                        

Ryan Crane              JPMORGAN CHASE & CO.   Danske Bank

David Bird                 Wall Street  reporter ( Dow Jones )

Keiran Toman

Richard Rockefeller *

jurgen frick

Nicholas Austin                    former bank manager from Hersden

Mike Dueker                                          Russell

Gabriel Magee                                      JPMORGAN   Danske Bank

Tanji Dewberry            



Wilbur Louis Ross Jr. (born November 28, 1937) is an American investor and the current United States Secretary of Commerce. On November 30, 2016, then-President-elect Donald Trump announced that he would nominate Ross for that post.


U.S. President Donald Trump said all nations have a duty to counter what he called Iran's "bloodlust." In a speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 24, he said that if Iran keeps showing "menacing behavior" sanctions would be tightened further.

Radio Farda is the Iranian branch of the U.S. government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty external broadcast service. It broadcasts 24 hours a day in the Persian language from its headquarters in the district Hagibor of Prague, Czech Republic. Radio Farda first aired December 2002.

Read the part about Iran in this  document: WL ROSS HOLDING CORP

Weijia Jiang reported on Tanji Dewberry story.

"Jiang’s coverage of the Trump White House has been featured across all CBS broadcasts and the CBS affiliate network via Newspath. Jiang traveled with President Trump to Quebec City, Canada, to cover the G-7 summit and participated in a rare impromptu press gaggle with President Trump on the North Lawn of the White House last month. She also provided Network-wide coverage of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy and the Supreme Court vacancy. "

Take notes.   jt

WL Ross & Co. works with Lazard on liquidity process for $4 bln Fund IV
April 3, 2017
By Chris Witkowsky

WL Ross & Co., Wilbur Ross, Commerce Department, Donald Trump, private equity, Lazard
U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross holds a news conference at the Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C., U.S. March 10, 2017. REUTERS/Eric Thayer - RTS12BEV


Kenneth Bellando                                 JPMORGAN CHASE & CO.   Danske Bank

William Broeksmit                Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas  

 Julian Knott

Richard Gravino

Geert Tack                 ING


Therese Brouwer                    ING 

Thierry Leyne                              French-Israeli banker, partner of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

   Calogero Gambino          Deutsche Bank 

Jan Peter Schmittmann  *        ABN Amro

jurgen frick                     Bank Frick

Shawn Miller                     Citigroup 

Karl Slym                         Tata Motors managing director  (John  Forbes Kerry has ties to Tata)

Thomas Schenkman           JPMORGAN CHASE & CO.  Microsoft, Goldman Sachs  and Bear Stearns        Danske Bank                                           


  *Michael Tabacchi        JPMORGAN CHASE & CO.

Jessica Nelson                   FIRST NATIONAL OF NEBRASKA, INC.


James Starkey

Valdes-Fauli                    Professional Bank (FL) president and CEO


Margaret Fagenson   wife of Robert Fagenson, who is chairman and chief executive of Fagenson & Co., a boutique investment firm

Mark J. Czarnecki        M&T Bank  President and Chief Operating Officer

David Rockefeller                    JPMORGAN CHASE & CO.   Danske Bank

John F. Gembara                       Washington Federal Bank for Savings

Miguel Blesa                            former President of Caja Madrid bank

William (Bill) Sachs Goldman

Robert Wilmers


Barbara Zalwango                      United Bank for Africa  JPMORGAN  and Citigroup do business in Africa          Danske Bank

Nicolas De-Meyer                Goldman Sachs

Jennifer Riordan                        Wells Fargo

Dennis Shields                           LawCash

Robert Snape                             Citibank/Citigroup

German banker                            deutsche bank

Laura Gallagher                         KPMG



Katya Tsukanova  daughter of a banker

Iris Goldsmith    heiress to two of Britain's most powerful dynasties – the Goldsmith and the Rothschild families.

Kenny Mitchel        killed by  UBS banker Scott Hapgood

 *Douglas (Doug) Arthur Carucci     JPMORGAN  -      Danske Bank

Adrian Hill                              HFC Bank

Aivar Rehe     ***      Danske Bank in Estonia     JPMORGAN

Jeffrey Epstein     **           Bear Stearns    Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan

John Gembara

Thomas Bowers


Nuno Ribeiro da Cunha   ***     a private-banking director at EuroBic, a Portuguese bank



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