illegally removed from my home

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First of all, the address they have as my address, belongs to one of my daughters, and is over  15 miles from where I was arrested.

Second, they have my driver license number. Which means they knew I lived at 1187 SE 94th Street, Starke Florida 32091,where I was arrested..

I went to have my name changed on my license, I had everything: my birth certificate, a copy of the Judge's order changing my name back to Tetstone, divorce papers, a lot more, and the person said I needed something else. I was getting my SS check in Janice M. Tetstone, at 1187 SE 94th Street.

I was born in Macclenny,  Baker County, Florida

There are three more papers from the jail. I will post them here. 

Heck, the only way I got Starling ,or whoever, to put the correct address was to refuse to sign the forms....But. That's another story.  -Jan Tetstone





Interesting to know that it's legal, in the State of Florida, for a cop to sign as "Releasing Judge."

I wonder who the Judge was who would have had to give Starling permission to stand in for him?