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Collier's Year Book 1967-Covering the year 1966


1946, Volume V Lands And People  page 39

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                   Collier's Year Book 1967, Covering The Year 1966

Events in Jordan moved at a dramatic pace as the small kingdom found itself enmeshed in Middle Eastern rivalries. The relentless struggle between Israel and the Arab world reached a new climax in November, when King Hussein's government was severely shaken as the result of an Israeli attack on Jordan.

In mid-November, Israel sent armed forces into Samu, a village near the border in west Jordan. The Israelis said that the attack was in retaliation for a number of recent border raids on Israel by Arab terrorists.

Although there were few casualties, the attack precipated a wave of violent demonstrations against the Jordanian government. Palestinian refugees living in Jordan, where they make up almost a third of the total population, protested King Hussein's policy of moderation toward Israel. To be continued.....