Memorial Page
   Jimmy Leon Ellis

     Rest my angels





The Bridge of Love

When God's angel came that day,
and carried you away,
Our hearts broke in two....
Part remained with us,
The other part went with you.

In the twinkling of an eye,
You became an angel,
And 'love' became the bridge
between our worlds.

You left your love with us
Down here below,
To remind us: (least we forget)

"That the bridge of love
Between Heaven and earth
Wasn't built by mortal hands!
God built the bridge
For angels to cross over to the
other side!

Those who take with them a part
of our heart and leave a part
of their heart behind,
As reassurance to the faithful each day
That where love is, God will make a way!

God's bridge - made of love - testifies
to the saddest heart down here below
that just as our love binds us to him -
Our love for each other binds us together.

Nothing is stronger than love!
The bridge of our love keeps us together.
-Jan Tetstone



My Daddy died in 1975, from a heart attack. He was 52 years old.

My Mama died in 1987-when a semi-truck driver fell asleep at the wheel. The truck went off the road striking and killing her...She was 57 years old.

My daughter died in 1993,when she swerved ,the truck she was driving, off the Highway to keep from hitting a boy on a bicycle[ who had earphones on]. She was 22 years old.

My daughter is buried next to both my Daddy and Mama. She was buried on Mother's Day 1993, next to my Mama.


My grandson died in 2010, because there were 'not enough Indians and to many chiefs' at Shand's hospital in Gainesville, Florida. He was 21 years old.

My baby son died in 1981,after a premature birth. He had spent five months inside my womb-sleeping beneath my heart. He both lived and died in my hands, before help could arrived. He struggled to live. ....and I couldn't help him.

Tears won't bring you back

God knows my heart

When remembering
each of you, in turn, it's
hard not to shed tears
because I love and miss you so

when teary times come around
I can feel your love, and your
angel wings, reaching down.

So many things were left
unsaid...that my heart ,now,
whispers in the wind....knowing
my precious angels can hear
the messages my heart sends to

I doubt not your love for me,
I just love and miss all of you
who once lit up my world,
from the places in my life
your leaving left empty.

I think of each of you often
And I pray faithfully, that
in time to come I will
see each of you again.

I love you from afar
but you live always in
my heart and thoughts.
12:28pm June 18, 2019